Henry Cavill’s Superman to Appear in Black Adam!?

The highly anticipated Black Adam film is currently in post-production and with it leaks are starting to sneak out a bit. The latest information though could be a huge surprise and victory to #RestoreTheSnyderverse fans.


It may come as no surprise that Henry Cavill will be swooping into the Black Adam film, however the scoop recently revealed by Mikey Sutton from Geekosity while on syl abdul inc hints to a larger reveal.

Mikey states his source confirms that Henry Cavill will not only show up in a small cameo in Black Adam, but that he will be wearing the Black Suit.

What makes this reveal so impactful and intriguing is how it connects to the overall universe of DC films. While we are all sitting here expecting any trace of the Snyderverse to be erased from the DCEU, this specific moment in this film would solidify that Zack Snyder’s Justice League (not the 2017 version) is being used as proper canon in the universe.

Of course the Flash movie could up and change all of this when it releases in late 2022. But as of right now, Black Adam appears to not only set up Superman vs Black Adam in an upcoming film, but also a connection to what Zack Snyder was building to this point.

Let us know your thoughts below and as always, anything in the Rumorverse is just that… Rumor, until proven otherwise.

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