Hawkman & Green Lantern: The Ballad of Ryan Reynolds (Updated)

Ryan Reynolds, the man best known as Pikachu in Detective Pikachu, has been the talk of Zack Snyder’s Justice League fandom for a while now. On May 23rd Spoilerverse heard that Reynolds was being courted to play Green Lantern in the Snyder cut. Exactly one month later Grace Randolph dropped on Social Media that those rumors were indeed true. While the fandom was in a frenzy and split into two camps, the great team over at The Cultured Nerd started digging to clarify exactly what it is Reynolds was being courted for.

Green Lantern

As stated above, the Green Lantern rumors stem back to May 23rd, just three days after Zack Snyder announced his cut of Justice League would be released in 2021 on HBO Max. While our excitement at the Spoilerverse was split we began doing some digging ourselves and found no solid information to say this rumor was true.

On June 23rd Grace Randolph dropped the bomb on Social media that stated this.

Grace is a solid scooper. But something still didn’t feel right about this. Rumors have suggested for years that Zack had shot Green Lantern scenes back in 2016 while filming Justice League. Casting and adding in Ryan Reynolds now seems a little ridiculous at this point in production. Especially when more than 90%+ of the film is shot and being edited as we speak.

Could they do some VFX magic and make it work? Sure, but I really don’t think they would have shot other GL scenes with one actor only to replace them with Reynolds at this point.

However this plays out should be interesting.


Are friends over at The Cultured Nerd are reporting Reynolds was indeed approached by Warner Bros for an upcoming project. However, it is not of Green Lantern but rather Hawkman, Carter Hall, for the upcoming Black Adam film. When you start to think about it the timing makes sense. Black Adam’s production is mere weeks away from starting and final castings are absolutely in process. The article does state there have been some other names on the shortlist if Reynolds is unable or unwilling to take the role. The only GLARING issue here we see is that Vin Diesel.was approached. For those that aren’t aware, Diesel and Dwayne Johnson despise each other and it is very unlikely the two would work together in another film. That isn’t to say there were not early discussions on him. But it’s unlikely he would be one they would approach if Reynolds cannot take the role.

With all of that, since the TCN article dropped, social media and scoopers across the globe have all been in a frenzy. And just when you felt it was starting to die down a bit Ryan Reynolds, Pikachu himself, drops a bomb.

One thing is for certain in this entire ordeal. Ryan Reynolds loves to screw with people. He has been hinting to Green Lantern since rumors first came out that he was returning to the role. He even got his friend Hugh Jackman in on the fun.


Reynolds is having a field day with this stuff. Posting this hilarious video calling it “the Secrete Reynolds Cut of GL”

Ryan is hitting Troll level 9,000 right now.

However this all plays out, we know that there is something going on behind the scenes. DC FanDome can’t get here soon enough!

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