Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 – a review in the key of WHAT JUST HAPPENED!

Dec 7, 2010 I saw a movie.

Then I wrote a review a week later.

This is that review.

Commentary in (italics)

Last night I went to see a movie.

What was this movie you might ask?



Some new action/comedy staring good ol’ what’s his name?


I went to partake in the optical and audio pleasure fields that are Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

I know, I know you are like so jealous and stuff. You wish YOU could have seen it after it had already been out for over a week.  It’s ok if you even saw it before me because you failed to see it WITH me. That is what would have made this epic for you. At least in my mind. (I like friends. Sometimes, at least ones that aren’t clingy and annoying)

Side note really fast, I saw the movie over a week ago and have been sitting on writing this review.  I’m, not sure why because I loved the movie. I just think I haven’t felt like writing. Well I do today! so get ready for something mildly entertaining to read about something that was incredibly entertaining to watch.

As some of you might know I’m a huge fan of the book series and have been anticipating this movie for quite some time. In fact, I’ve been waiting for it since I read the last book, which happens to be my favorite.

I was not happy to see that David Yates was directing the last book/movie because I was insanely unimpressed with the the Order of the Phoenix movie. In fact, I found that movie to be confusing. (Still feel this way) What I mean is if you didn’t read the book how the HELL did that movie make any sense to you? I see no foreseeable way for it to have made sense. So much was missing from it. A comment my wife likes to make is that they took the longest book and made the shortest movie out of it. (So true, so much left out.)

But I have to say that with Deathly Hallows Part 1 he proved himself, at least a little, to me. (I know that was his goal. Impress this guy in Seattle) The fact they chose to split it into two movies was quite possibly the greatest decision they have made in this entire movie series. Well, just shy of telling Stephen Speilberg his idea of a CGI Harry Potter movie was a shit idea. Seriously, that would have been terrible.

I think I loved this movie so much because the stuff from the book that was cut out wasn’t that important and didn’t hinder understanding what was happening. They cut out the wedding, with I thought was brilliant in the books but not a needed plot development for the movie. The wedding was there, but not in the way it was in the book. Other minor things where cut but overall I thought part 1 really captured the essence of the books and all the actors did an amazing job as usually.

I do have to say my favorite part was Harry and Hermione naked and making out. Holy crap Emma Watson is hot, even hotter with her hair cut off.

If I had to rate it I would say it’s in the the top 7 for all time greatest Harry Potter films.

Go see it.


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