Harley Quinn Cartoon Debuts on…

This just in from NYCC! The greatest comic book convention in New York City this weekend! DC Universe announces that there sure fire hit cartoon series Harley Quinn will debut on the streaming platform on November 29th, 2019! And you know who couldn’t be more excited? Kaylie, host of Haphazard Adventures, wife of John (that’s me) and all around amazing person.

She’s balls out! I can’t wait!

Kaylie Horsley
Harley Quinn Poster (I want this)

That’s right, she is. I’ve been waiting for this cartoon ever since they announced it as a thing a few years ago. Back then Kaylie wasn’t too excited about it being a cartoon, since she doesn’t care for adult cartoons. I told her to just wait, you will come around and you will love this. Did she? Honestly we will have to wait until we see the show to pass full judgement, but she did get all giddy and excited when I showed her the images from NYCC.

From the mouths of DC Universe

Executive Producers Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker were on hand to officially announce the premiere date for the original adult-animated comedy series Harley Quinn. DC artist Amanda Conner was on hand as well to share her inspiration to create some of the art that inspired the animated series. Her art is featured within the immersive pop-up installation at DCU HQ. 

I also found out that they are doing an exclusive to NYCC enamel pin set for the Harley Quinn cartoon (see image above) that I’m going to have to track down and find. If you are and NYCC and got one, lucky you (pun intended). I’ll probably see if I can get them off eBay for a decent price because I NEED them. Or to be more accurate, Kaylie needs them.

Earlier we talked about how Harley Quinn was storming Gotham (New York) this year and how I REALLY wished I could go. I mean SO much awesome stuff came out of that show. I mean the art show enough is enough to make me jump out of my seat with irritation I’m not there.

Anyway, November 29th, mark your damn calendars puddin’ Cause Harley’s gone kick in some teeth!

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