Gyllenhaal Reprises Bubble Boy Role

The Marvel Cinematic Universe closed the books on phase 3 with Peter Parker web slinging into Spiderman Far From Home, theaters on July 2, with action, romance, laughs and sticky situations.

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Spiderman Far From Home delivers a bold, fresh, suspenseful, and overall really fun story to immerse yourself in for 2 hours that leaves you mad it ended with such a cliff hanger.

School is out for the summer and Peter’s science class is taking a trip to Europe. Peter hopes he can leave Spiderman at home, to his dismay trouble and Nick Fury await him overseas.

Chronologically, this movie takes place immediately following Endgame. The movie shows the world as it is post half the world coming back from being “snapped” by Thanos. For some it’s better than others, for everyone though the world is a different place to navigate.

Peter hopes that in Europe he will have the chance to take a breath. Unfortunately there are gigantic monsters popping up around the globe, most frequently where Peter is traveling with his class. These monsters are all themed the four elements of nature, aptly named The Elementals. As these monsters begin to appear coincidentally so does Mysterio.

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Jake Gyllenhaal plays Mysterio. A vigilante whose head is adorned with a cosmic fishbowl of sorts. Gyllenhaal is no stranger to a role such as this. He first played the bubble role in 2001, Bubble Boy.  In that movie Gyllenhaal finds himself in a fight to find himself and his true love in a comedic turn of events.

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In his follow up bubble role, he is fighting to prove how he can be of great assistance to Nick Fury in saving the world in times of dire distress.

Gyllenhaal’s performance on screen simply pops. He’s witty, charismatic, but also mysterious. He approaches the role with an air of earnestness and confidence. Clearly, Gyllenhaal recognized how strong Keaton delivered as the Vulture and knew he the bar was set. With this being Mysterio’s first live action appearance, Gyllenhaal ensures audiences will not soon forget the name Mysterio.

Gyllenhall’s ability prompts another strong quality of the movie, which carries from Homecoming, the overall casting in the movie. The entire cast truly gives life to the movie. Zendaya as MJ plays an even bigger role this movie, while still holding onto her dark sense of humor. Jacob Batalon as Ned, Peter’s goofy sidekick is a strong balance to Tom Holland. Not to mention, Martin Starr and J.B. Smoove play the two teachers who are of ZERO help on a school field trip for all the right reasons. 

A sequel typically prompts the question whether it is or is not better than the first. Or how does it compare to its predecessor. Rather than debate, which is better between Homecoming versus Far from Home, what Far From Home does is solidify this Spidey franchise as the most amazing of any live action Spidey story. The actors are believable as high schoolers trying to figure out high school. Spiderman delivers plenty of witty quips without coming off as cheesy.

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There is one distinguishable somber moment in the movie. If you go into the movie eyes peeled for a certain cameo with a man in an iconic mustache, don’t. It marks the first live action sans Stan Lee.

But it marks the beginning of an all new amazing (pun intended) chapter of the MCU. The movie is already certified fresh with a 92% on the tomatometer and a 97% audience score. Grab a friend and enjoy a great summer blockbuster that is the start of something wonderful in the MCU.

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