Going to the Chapel – A review for you.

Going to the Chapel variant cover by Maan House

Just reading this title I can’t help but sing the song in my head.

Goin’ to the chapel and we’re gonna get married
Goin’ to the chapel and we’re gonna get married
Gee, I really love you
And we’re gonna get married
Goin’ to the chapel of love

Going to the Chapel by the Dixie Cups

I mean, how can you resist that jingle? It’s just so…catchy. It’s like an ear worm, I’m sure after just reading that you have it stuck in YOUR head as well! You are welcome.

This isn’t about that song, it’s about a new comic book from Action Lab Comics of the same name, written by David Pepose, with art by Gavin Guidry, colors by Liz Kramer, and letters by Ariana Maher and Colin Bell.

Let’s start this review off and take a look what our friend Patton Oswalt thought about it (he’s not really our friend, but he could be if he wanted to)

I could probably just end this now, Oswalt (why is it we call celebrities by either their full name or just their last name and rarely ever just their first name? Kind of sums up my feelings about this book in his tweet.

I mean, what more can I say?

This old lady is the best, I want a spin off about her!

Thanks for reading, go pick up the book from your LCS and read it, or get it digitally if that’s your thing. Pick up all the variant covers, if that’s your thing.

No no, I can’t leave it there. I have to do more, you expect more from me than a cop out on a review. Hell, I expect more from me on a review! So let’s get into what I liked about this book.


The book starts out with the first verse of the aforementioned Dixie Cups song and visuals of the bride getting ready, and some men doing some uh….things, to build you into a time cut back a few hours to set up what is about to happen. We are not given a lot of context here, but once you finish the story it all makes sense.


This panel is so well placed. And so well done.

The art in this book is smooth. Clean lines, clean colors, well placed panels throughout. Guidry and Kramer (art and colors) do a bang up job of marrying art to style and style to color to really set the tone of the book.


This is a first issue in a series, so we don’t learn much. That’s a good thing though, it does a fantastic job of setting up the main three characters and how they interact with each other while at the same time really telling us nothing of consequence about any of them. By the end of the book you are throwing the book on the floor demanding issue 2.

Salud yourself over and buy this book. (That doesn’t make sense…)

Final Thoughts

I would say if you are looking for a new book that will keep you interested, pick this up. When I talked to David Pepose (writer) about this book prior to reading it he described it as “Die Hard got hitched to Wedding Crashers” and after reading it I couldn’t agree more.

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