On October 8, Xbox announced a new partnership that could shake the way gamers enjoy and obtain video games. Microsoft and GameStop have come together in a multi-year partnership that will seemingly benefit both parties.

It seems as though Microsoft is going to upgrade GameStop’s systems, by giving them new Microsoft Surfaces and Dynamic 365 to enhance customer service. Along with this, GameStop will also be offering Xbox All Access. A monthly payment program which allows gamers to buy Xbox consoles with no money down.

Further more, GameStop will also have a share in the life-time profit of the All Access.

“For many years GameStop has been a strong go-to-market partner for our gaming products, and we are excited about continuing and evolving that relationship for the launch of the Xbox Series X|S,” said Spencer. “GameStop’s extensive store base, focus on digital transformation in an omni-channel environment and expert gamer associates remain an important part of our gaming ecosystem, and we’re pleased to elevate our partnership.”

Phil Spencer on the Partnership

While GameStop has been struggling the past few years in their attempts to battle the digital era, sharing profits with Microsoft on their All Access pass as well as Microsoft discovering new ways to get products and content into the gamers hands is a win/win for both companies.

And while this news may not be as big as Microsoft buying Bethesda, this surely will cause Sony to be looking at how to respond.

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