Funny Book Forensics 298 Green vs Drugs

A few hits later and Dan and Greg are back to Green Lantern 86 the 2nd half of the drug issues. Will Speedy survive his detox and who are the evil drug peddlers? Tune in to find out!

We told you the history was coming and did it. We get into Vietnam Drug policy, the War on Drugs, and the book’s place in it. You won’t want to miss this one so check it out! Read more about both the Spider-Man and Green Lantern Drug issues in American Comic Book Chronicles: the 1970s by Jason Sacks and Keith Dallas.

Creative Team: Writer: Denny O’Neil, Artists: Neal Adams and Dick Giardano, Colors: Cory Adams, Letterer: John Costanza, Editor: Julius Schwartz

Read Green Lantern 86 (vol 2) DC Universe Infinite Amazon/Comixology

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