Funny Book Forensics 297 Speedy with Two Arms

Its time for Dan and Greg to take on Drugs. We dive into our support for Richard Nixon’s drug war…. Wait! We won’t do that but we will review the classic Green Lantern 85 and 86 the first two comic book issues in the bronze era to mention heroin by name that had the comics code authority stamp. We chose these two to honor the late great Artist Neal Adams and the late writer Denny O’Neil. 

Of course, we get into some pretty classic banter including discussing Burt Ward sparring with Bruce Lee which Dan learned about from a Spoiler Country episode.  You won’t want to miss this one so check it out!

Green Lantern 85Creative Team: Writer: Denny O’Neil, Artist: Neal Adams, Colors: Cory Adams, Letterer: John Costanza, Editor: Julius Schwartz


Read Green Lantern 85 (vol 2) DC Universe Infinite Amazon/Comixology

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