Funny Book Forensics 282 F#[email protected] Midnighter

Well its time for Midnighter 8 and 9. Dan loved this one and indicated it by dropping F bombs all over the Podcast. Midnighter meets up with Spyral and then meets up with the Suicide squad in the never ending quest for the Perdition Pistol. Dan and Greg discuss the story arcs and how the the Wall changed in comics. We also wait for John to show up to the podcast again. Maybe he will come someday.

Issue 8: Writer: Steve Orlando; Pencils: David Messina; Inks: Gaetano Carlucci; Colors: Romulo Fajardo Jr. Cover: ACO and Fajardo Jr.

Issue 9: Writer: Steve Orlando; Pencils: ACO; Inks: ACO and Hugo Petrus; Colors: Romulo Fajardo Jr. Cover: ACO and Fajardo Jr.

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Issue 8: ComixologyDC Infinite

Issue 9: ComixologyDC Infinite

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