Funny Book Forensics 279 Mountain, Tower, Fortress Lad

Dan and Greg started out discussing a fun classic issue of Secret Origins, #46. We have a crazy Grant Morrison story with the JLA fighting their own costumes and the origin of the Justice League Mountain Headquarters!  We review the secret Origin of Titans Tower by Marv Wolfman!  Then we thought we were getting to the punchline, the first appearance of Arm Fall Off Boy, the character TDK played by Nathan Fillion in The Suicide Squad. 

However, when we discover the secret origin of the writer of the third story, the conversation shifts to a serious discussion of creator rights, censorship, and monetizing the works of bad people. Join us for a discussion that genuinely surprised both of us. 

Story One: Writer: Grant Morrison Pencils: Curt Swan, Inks: George Freeman, Colors: George Freeman

Story Two: Writer: Marv Wolfman Pencils: Vince Giarrano, Inks: Vince Giarrano, Colors: Adrienne Roy, Letter: Janice Chiang

Story Three: Writer: Omitted Pencils: Curt Swan, Inks: Ty Templeton, Colors Tom McCraw, Letters: John Constanza

Editor: Mark Waid

Read the book:

Thanks to the bad actions of the author you of the third story, you cannot get this book online. You will have to find a dollar bin or an expensive E-Bay copy. I would wait for dollar bin or go dig it out of your collection. 


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