‘For the Sake of Vicious’ A Trailer Filled with Body Jelly

For the Sake of Vicious is a bloody good time in its first trailer and an excellent outing by the company Raven Banner.

The film, co-directed by Reese Eveneshen & Gabriel Carrer, “follows the story of Romina, a nurse and single mother, who returns home after a long shift to find a maniac sheltering in her house with a barely living hostage.

In the film, “Amid a global insomnia pandemic, Laura and Augusto flee the city in their mobile home to get away from the chaos. As they travel, the road becomes increasingly uninhabited, silence grows stronger, and it becomes more difficult to distinguish reality from waking dreams.”

“With the clock ticking on solving the mystery, waves of violent intruders descend upon the neighbourhood and besiege the home. The only way she can survive this cat-and-mouse scenario is to become just as vicious as everyone else.”

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