Final Fantasy VII – PC Version

So I dunno if you know this, but I like Final Fantasy VII. Like, a lot. I may have bought that original Playstation version no less that 3 times. Why 3? Well the original my parents got me. The Greatest Hits version cause I traded in the original. Then an original again when I was collecting games in collage. And now I’m looking at buy a 4th copy of the Playstation version because you know, writing these articles and the new one coming out really makes me wanna own the OG.

Different box art, but still awesome.

But we are not hear to talk about the Playstation version of Final Fantasy VII, NO! This article is about the PC Version that came out just about a year after in 1998. Now I didn’t get the PC version until probably 2002 or so, and that’s when I borrowed it from my friend Calvin because I wanted to play it again. I later just bought by own copy on Steam and played through that version.

“But John, it’s just the same game ported over to the PC, why would you buy this game again AND play it again, didn’t you say in the other post you already beat a bunch of times?”

To that I would say, cause I wanted to. And yes, I had at this point played through FFVII no less that a dozen times, but not on my COMPUTER! And I had heard there were some changes. What changes you ask?

  • Shittier music on the PC! – The PC version just had simple midi tracks and not the sweet sweet music on the discs for Playstation.
  • Typo’s fixed! – The original Playstation version had some…well typo’s in the subtitles as you played through. They fixed a lot of this for the PC.
  • Buggy and crashing! – Back in the day one of the biggest issues with ports to PC was they would bug out and crash. The first time I tried to play the PC version it would crash almost once an hour, if I was lucky.
  • MODS! – One of the greatest things about the PC version is being able to MOD your games. and FFVII is not shy in that.
Battle time!

Beyond that?

Nothing really. It’s the same game through and through, as long as it doesn’t crash on you. I have it on Steam and I’ve installed it a few times here and there, played for a few hours, then tell myself I’ll finish it. I don’t think I ever have finished this on the PC.

Will I ever play this again on my PC?

When I started writing this I would have said no, but now that I just spent an HOUR looking at some sweet ass mods for the game…I probably will.

Do I recommend you play it on PC?

Sure, if you don’t like it on Playstation. You can get it on the Nintendo Switch, your phone (iOS and Android) now so you can really pick your poison. Hell, you can even get it on PS4 if you want.

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