#Farside – The Doorway

#Farside will be a collection of stories from individuals who have experienced some weird, strange or paranormal activity in their life. In this debut article I tell about my experience where I believe I walked though some sort of tear or dimensional doorway.

Welcome to… the #Farside

It was a clear summer night like any other. My buddy and I were outside at the picnic table in the backyard bullshitting about video games, music, girls and whatever else young 20 year old’s talked about.

After about a half gallon of Tea my bladder was ready to explode. I started to make my way to head in through the basement door when a blinding FLASH of white light filled the sky and the world around me. Just as fast as the light came pure darkness fell over everything. Within a split second everything seemed normal again. I quickly turned to see my buddy still sitting at the picnic table looking down at his phone. “Jason, the F*@k was that!?” I yelled. There was no response.

Confused but not overly concerned I decided to continue my journey to the bathroom. Thinking that it was just a strike of heat lightning or a power surge in the neighborhood I took my next step towards the basement door and the darkness returned and the FLASH of light reignited the sky and everything around me. Then, just as before, in an instant everything was normal again.

This time I wasn’t screwing around and I turned and yelled once again to my friend. “Jason, tell me you saw it that time!?” He looks up and simply asked. “What?”

Baffled and concerned but literally about to burst with pee. I ran into the house did my thing and hurried back outside to talk to Jason about my weird and odd experience.

After telling him what happened he assured me that he noticed nothing and saw no FLASH of light.

For years that incident had stuck with me. While I wasn’t actively searching for answers, I did my best to keep an ear and eye out for some explanation eventually coming across the Mandela Effect and the theory of the multiverse.

The idea is that these multiple universes or dimensions are happening simultaneously. Occasionally, due to unknown reason, crossing over with one another.

Could that have been what I experienced? Did cross into another dimension/universe while my doppelganger from a parallel universe took my place in my previous life?

The more I look the more I realized that the possibility of it being some inter-dimensional portal of some sort was all the more possible. A tear in the current Dimension that led to a new Universe or dimension.

Or was it that I walked through an multidimensional tunnel and walked right back to my original dimension?

Even today I still wonder if for those few short moments when I stopped and yelled to my friend if I was actually between the doorways of dimensions or simply in a tear. That could explain why my friend didn’t respond to my first call out. He truly couldn’t hear me.

Have you ever experienced an inter dimensional event in your life? Let us know in the comments below.

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