Fantastic Four Rogues Gallery

Today we talk the Fantastic Four Rogues Gallery, something that came up on our Doctor Strange 2 review episode.

Here is the list we used for the conversation:

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Steve the drunk robot does the best he can on these transcripts, somethings are not right. Bear with him as he learns.

Fantastic Four Rogues Gallery

Kenric: [00:00:00] Now we can talk about some other things. We could. Okay, good. It fantastic. Four rogue gallery. I’m Googling it.

 Okay. They have awesome Android,

A Maso. Okay. Which I’ve never even heard of. There have I, the synthetic adaptive Android designed by the mad thinker to combat superheroes, dude.

Isn’t that? Not a Maso. That’s a Maso.

John: Oh, the thinker is one too.

Kenric: Okay. That’s just odd. Annis I’ve heard of that. I, yeah. Blast star last star. Cool.

John: Cool name, cool

Kenric: name. He looks like a big demon. I’m sure you should share your screen. Okay,

John: why are you doing this? So people can see what you’re looking at all.

It’s all relevant.

Kenric: Hold on, hold on. Let me get rid of some of this stuff. I checked out true social. Cause I wanted to see what it was about. Oh, it’s so bad. What is, what is true social? That’s the Twitter that [00:01:00] Donald Trump started.

John: Oh, yeah. I heard about that. It’s it’s apparently it’s

Kenric: just a, it’s just a big old vacuum.

I gotta, I gotta, I gotta cancel my account. Cause I just wanted to see

John: it. There’s certain phrases that, that, that, that get that, get your post auto deleted auto removed. Like they have hard coded like certain things that are censored, like talking about anything. That’s not part of their agenda.

Kenric: Yeah. See that’s that’s crazy.

Yeah. What’s the point of that. Okay. All right. Here we go. Uh,

John: This is from comic vine. Good old comic vine

Kenric: comic comic vine. Now part of game stop. is it well it’s comic game dot. Yeah, it is. It is. Okay. I don’t know who this guy is. So this is a us, this is a, a user made this, so

John: there faja

Kenric: Wadham.

Yeah. So take it with a grain of salt. Yeah. No, this is one of FTA, four rose gallery, this definitive list list. We all know this is the definitive list. we all know the rose gallery of Batman, flash and Spiderman. These are some of the lesser known rose gallery of famous superheroes.

John: [00:02:00] Okay. Well, it looks like you look at the side, it looks like he, this guy has done a lot of posts on other superheroes robes gallery.

So we can, you probably got a bit of research. You probably do some research.

Kenric: Yeah. That’s kind of neat. So awesome Android, which is just guys Annis. So let’s take a look

John: at, looks like let’s like a robot, a robot scroll.

Kenric: Yeah. He’s he kind of has a very bug, like look yeah. Ruler of the negative zone and long time VO, the fantastic four.

He is ALIST I think almost all. I feel like all super villains are mostly NISTs. Oh yeah. Probably. Seth was finding different ways to extend his lifespan. So he’s ALIST but he wants to live forever. That doesn’t make any sense. He

John: he could probably, he would probably be cool in

Kenric: the MCU post, during ball, which he sees it threat just, yeah, he could be the next big, bad, bad.

How are we forgetting about Galati? Well, we’re not getting there. Yeah. Hold on. Yeah, I’m just saying we can think of earlier star glass star. Look at this guy. Yeah. Flash dark kind of looks. Looks [00:03:00] dope. He looks kind of dope. Looks like a big lion with the, from, from the negative zone. Yep. Who battles ni ni.

So these guys must be you know, rival boring Kings. Yeah. And there’s of course Dr. Doom. Yep. If you all know about Dr. Doom, dragon man, dragon, man. I never heard of dragon, man. Never have I is a synthetic life form. Occasionally any of the Avengers. He’s currently a member of the future foundation. Oh, fun.

Cool. Okay, cool. Yeah. Let’s see some images of dragging man.

John: Looks like Dr. Manhattan in the first two.

Kenric: A little bit. Yeah. Interesting.

John: And it looks like Kalu and the bottom ones are he is all big. Yeah. This guy right here. Yeah. The one, the one next to it. This guy. Yeah. That’s kinda like Kalu the

Kenric: bird beak.

Yeah. Interesting. Never heard of them. And I’ve been reading comic books for 30 plus years. Diablo. Somebody might be going, oh, you haven’t been serious. Well,

John: fantastic. We, we also don’t read fantasy [00:04:00] for comics, so yeah. So we’re clearly the definitive people to be

Kenric: talking about for right. Diablo is a ninth century Alchemist with aspiration of world dominance.

Of course he is. Yeah. There’s always like a lot of, he

John: does not seem to age. He is an enemy of the fantastic four. Okay.

Kenric: Okay. Ego living, planet ego. I didn’t know. Ego was a fantastic four on a fantastic four rogue scout. Cause seems like ego would just eat them and that’d be done. Yeah. He eats them. He’s the living planet, the frighten four, the frightful four.

Who, what, who’s this introduces nemesis. The F tested for the rotation has constantly changed. But features the wizard as its leader. Okay. The wizard bulldozer, the wizard, wizard, bulldozer Thunderball and wrecker. Nice. What I wish you would say first appearance

John: right there, domestic four number were 36 when they first appeared.

Kenric: Wow. So they’ve been [00:05:00] around for a

John: while. Yeah, they’re an OG. So they’d be, I mean, that’d be kind of cool. Yeah. Colus of course.

Kenric: Colus of course. Enjoy. He looks like. Did you ever see that monster movie? What was it called? Oh God. No, I’d never see. No, God, no. It was like a, it was a Japanese movie and it was like these two giant humanoids.

No shit. I can’t remember now. Anyways, it looks

John: like the Hulk mixed with man thing.

Kenric: Yeah. If Mo man’s pets from monster aisle, there you go.

John: Oh, and he’s, that’s actually guy they’re fighting on the cover of number one.

Kenric: There you go. Soto. I mean, you can’t get more OG than that.

John: Yeah. Just the OG of OGs

Kenric: there.

You’re impossible, man. Possible. No impossible man. Kang, Kang. Okay. So is that a hint? Is that, is that, that might be a hint. Yeah, that might be the big hint that KA is the thing from lowkey. The, yeah, the big, bad and lowkey. That’s gonna kickstart the next [00:06:00] phase. And so if, if K’s gonna be the thing, then the fans of four is, is gonna be the one that comes in and saves everybody

John: or, or helps save.

Yeah. Probably. I mean, that makes sense. That makes sense. Yeah.

Kenric: Claw, not

John: to Beed. You never heard of claw not to be confused with the claw from black Panther,

Kenric: right? The CRE the CRE yeah. Isn’t that? What, how is the Cree isn’t the Cree like it isn’t that captain Marvel’s power set comes from the CRE. Yeah.

How are they a rogues gallery?

John: Well, cause they’re not, I mean, the C aren’t it’s a race. Yeah. As a race though, the bad people they’re fucking racist. I mean, a little bit for a racist to say an entire, I mean, it was the sixties, but

Kenric: entire race. I mean, because there look at there’s there’s captain Marvel there’s or star Lord right there.

John: Not star that’s star, Lord. I can’t tell still a small

Kenric: let’s look.

John: But actually looks, looks like captain Adam, or it looks like they atom from [00:07:00] DC comics, but I can’t say it’s small, but they’re yeah, they’re they’re captain Marvel villain, but it’s interesting. They also show they also, I mean, they also fight the Ben for guests,

Kenric: ergo KGO, who, who is ergo using mentally controlled robot.

Okay. This sounds like, crane from tiny teenage wheat ninja turtles, right? Unearthly ruler of a subjugated planet. You’ve kinda look like ’em one’s cause of people to earth to turn against a fantastic for ergo, the master of planet X. Oh, okay. I’ve heard of planet X, Marvel.

John: Isn’t king from dimension X and team and T

Kenric: crane.

Is it. He is from da ion X. That’s funny.

John: That’s funny. Well, I’m sure. I’m sure they took it from him cuz this first appeared in what? Yeah. F number seven

Kenric: so well, and it makes sense because I mean, TM turtles, I mean O OG TMN T fans know that their origin is steeped in Marvel comic origins. Yes it is. And they are part of [00:08:00] Daredevil.

So. And I don’t care what they changes they make. That is my, I mean, or,

John: well, I mean the, the creators literally said that in an interview multiple times. Yeah. They, they, that they wrote their own. Yeah.

Kenric: Lucia Vardes I don’t know who that is. Is, do you know who that is? Nope. Looks newer. That’s kind of crazy.

It does look newer. Secret war number one. Oh, lava is prime minister. Mm-hmm . Okay. Where’d you see secret war number one under general information.

John: If you go to oh, there

Kenric: it’s parents. Yeah. Is that secret war number one from the eighties or is

John: it no, no, it’s the newer one. It’s the newer one. Well, she, she might, she might be appearing.

Oh, no, she is. Didn’t she? Isn’t she played isn’t she in the MC already?

Kenric: I, I don’t know. She might have been what’s her name?

John: Lucia. Can’t see.

Kenric: Lucia VA Bartis. Are you thinking of the black widow and

John: yeah, apparently she’s coming to the MCU.

Kenric: Okay. Okay. Go get that [00:09:00] kind book. It might be, it might go up

John: it’s. Yeah. All right.

Kenric: Mad thinker, mad thinker. I think I’ve heard of that one. I’ve heard of that one too. Max.

John: Max.

Kenric: Yeah. I don’t know that Mo man is classic actually. Yeah. There’s the Mo man. Yeah, yeah.

Molecule man. He’s a classic character and NA more NA more NA more is off and on though. Yeah. Sometimes he’s a villain sometimes is not. It depends on who’s writing him. Yeah.

John: I mean, they, they they’ve been trying to bring Nemore into THEC for a while, so

Kenric: probably do it that way. Well, and he’s older than Aquaman technically.

Yes. N. Stop being a PC fanboy. He’s literally older than Aquaman. It’s okay. it’s not a big deal.

John: Aquaman’s better.

Kenric: Is

John: he though? Namar has little wings on his feet.

Kenric: Yeah. Which makes sense that he can fly man, like a bumblebee. why the hell is Aquaman flying? He

John: literally lives under the water. Alman doesn’t fly.

When does he fly? [00:10:00] When I’ve seen him fly? No, I’ve seen him fly. Nope.

Kenric: Aquaman flying like a bitch. No

Can I gonna find ju league movie, has he ever Aquaman’s shown the ability to jump six miles in the comics? Six miles he’s jumping, not flying the league was starting their battle around cuz they pre the only heroes flying was wonder where his cyborg Araman was leaving. Incredible distance. Was

John: that the justice league movie.

Kenric: I mean, he can’t take that, that one was from the justice league movie.

John: Yeah. Yeah. You can’t take like that for, I mean, that says whatever.

Kenric: How about comics? Aquaman? He doesn’t fly. Yeah. Either way. He’s just, I don’t think he’s better, but doesn’t really matter. I, I, you know what it is, I just like, I just always thought Namar was I.

I don’t know. It just seems like Namar is better written [00:11:00] to me. Like he has. Yeah, you can, you can do that all you want, but you know, the whole con the, I don’t know me remember wrong. Fuck it. Whatever I like him. I mean, that’s fine. I don’t.

John: I have, he’s

Kenric: got a way better name. That’s extra that’s okay. Aman is dumb.

NA more

John: is way better. He’s the sub Mariner and they just get NA more is like his name. They they’ve changed it over to yeah. Even better. So that’s fine. That’s great. That’s like I said, Aman, and to call him Arthur. Okay. Same shit.

Kenric: Yeah. Arthur. Not as cool as name more. No,

John: no, whatever but what I’m trying to say, but you won’t let me talk is I really don’t give a shit.

They’re both stupid water characters. I don’t care. Yeah. Yeah. I just like to put, I just had to put that DC card. It’s fun.

Kenric: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Onslaught never

John: ons. That’s an Xmen villain man. That’s from Xmen onslaught is

Kenric: yeah. You think that’s an Xmen villain? Not a fantastic four. I don’t

John: think I know he’s from.

Kenric: Xmen Xmen look, an onslaught appears in 33 41 issues. Yeah. And they’re all, Xmen, [00:12:00] 15 appearances, an Xmen 12 and another appearance in yeah. 10 appearances it’s and essential fans for doesn’t even. Yeah. Doesn’t even, there’s a whole

John: series of the whole, the whole like storyline in Xmen called onslaught against him.

He’s the main bad guy in one of the Marvel versus Capon video games. Yeah.

Kenric: Oh, he died. Aw. Alias is the entity that, which will shall survive. Charles Xavier, Charlie, dark magni. Yeah.

John: Yeah. He’s been he’s, he’s an Xmen Villa, but I mean, I’m sure the fought him at least once, but he’s an Xmen villain.

Kenric: Yeah. They all talk about everything they talk about in here is Xmen.

That’s weird. Wonder why they counted him. Psycho man. That’s a good man. Psycho man. Hi, I’m psycho. That’s kind of a cool, name’s a puppet master ISNT there, a puppet master in DC too. Yeah. Is a puppet master and everything. Red ghost. Interesting. Ron in [00:13:00] red ghost. Do you know red ghost? No.

Any enemy? The fantastic four has three superpowered apes at his disposal. Oh, cool. Okay. So he has, he has

John: ape.

Kenric: I a Koff shall become even more powerful than the fantastic four. And so shall buy apes. 13 for together. We award the solar system Stanley and Jack Kirby. So Jack Herby. Yeah. Number 13. That’s that’s he appears in 272 issues.

Holy crap. That’s a

audio1408952631.output: lot.

John: That’s a lot of issues for us not to know who he was. yeah.

Kenric: Holy moly. Ronan.

John: I’ve heard of Ronan. Is that the Ronan that Hawkey was,

Kenric: Long time Supreme, public accuser eventual, super creamer of the Cree empire. No Ronan. Oh,

John: Ronan the judge. Yeah. Yeah. They’re from, from the movie.

Yeah. Yeah. The accuser. Wasn’t [00:14:00] didn’t a haw. I go by Ronan, like when he was killing people.

Kenric: Yeah. But O R O N I N like Ronan, like the Japanese R yeah, yeah,

John: yeah, yeah, yeah. I got it. Yeah. Ronan the accuser. Yeah.

Kenric: Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I accuse F 64. Yeah. He’s kind of a cool character actually. Yeah. Yeah. He is 441 issues.

I think that’s just across Marvel. Not just fantastic. Yeah. Yeah. It’s

John: across Marvel. Yeah. Yeah. Or across all of them. If you up too.

Kenric: What’s that.

John: So if he, if he appeared in like a DC book, it, it would count that too. But yeah,

Kenric: Salem, Salem seven. I haven’t even heard of that. I mean, I’ve said that like, like a bunch of times Salem seven or the team of magical super villains children of Nicholas scratch.

Okay. Okay. Recently Salem seven have reformed isn’t Nicholas scratch the son of, of Nicholas. Scratch is another name for Satan. Yeah. Recently Salem 17, up with Dr. Strange [00:15:00] trying to tax before and Diablo to destroy the evil demon Shuma Gora Shuma. Gora that have been summoned by their father.

Nicholas scratch. interesting. Cool. Yeah. Fantastic. 4, 180 6. So they’re pretty old school actually. Yeah, that’s all. That’s.

John: That’s like the eighties, seventies or eighties? Yeah, the scrolls, the scrolls

Kenric: then super scroll, super scroll, which is kind of funny. They, they just look like hob go or green Golin.

Yeah, they do. I always, every time I saw that thing, I always thought you just look like green. Golin pretty much is it term minus or

John: Terminus? I would say Terminus, but I don’t

Kenric: know. Do you know Terminus? Don’t. It’s so weird. It’s so weird. Finding out characters. You don’t have any idea about pretty by John

John: Brian

Kenric: or John burn.

John burn. That’s cool. FFF 2 69, 2 69. So he is steeped in the eighties. [00:16:00] He’s in, he’s been in 86 issues. Okay.

He’s a giant cosmic scavenger. That’s kind of a cool concept. Yeah. Interesting. What’s his power set? Do they have a, oh, here there in vulnerability, power item, power suit, stamina, super site. Super speed. Super strength, super, super, super,

John: super everything. Super. All the things

Kenric: TerraX never heard of TerraX.

I’ve heard you looked really familiar. I don’t know much about em and trap who okay. Who is trap? It’s like the rogue of the Marvel universe, right? The big, bad, a genius chemist who invented a potent polymer adhesive and immediately decided to use his, to commit crimes.

First, assuming that didn’t of pace pot, Pete, he changed the more to me. Name of the Traer pace pot. [00:17:00] Pete that’s H hilarious

John: pot, Pete. I would, I mean, he should stick with that name. Be pace pot, Pete.

Kenric: He’s in 438 issues. He’s got by quite

John: a bit. Run

Kenric: by Spiderman, strange tales, 1 0 4, the human torch meets paste pot.


John: tails. They should bring him into the MCU, but call him past pot, Pete.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. Call him Pete instead. Make fun of him. Right, dude. Make fun of like pace pot, man. Pace, pot, Pete. Interesting. Interesting Hawk. Man’s rogues gallery, Marvel, military personnel, THS rogues, gallery, firestorm, firestorm rogues.

Were you a big firestorm fan at all? No. Don’t care. Yeah.

John: That’s fine. We, I mean, we could do add more episodes going through these lists cuz it’s kind of fun.

Kenric: Yeah. But not right now. No, that was an interesting take. Yeah. On the fantastic four rogues [00:18:00] gallery. I I did know honestly had no clue. I like

John: the us going into screen share here and like looking up stuff.

We have no idea about learning. I’m learning.

Kenric: it’s it’s kind of funny cuz it’s like, what is this like? Right. The fact I’ve never heard it. Awesome. Android. And it’s just Maso.

John: Number one on the guy’s list.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. But it’s like, why do they have, why, why is that character there?

John: I mean, DC and Marvel copy each other all the time.


Kenric: All the time I who came first,

John: I mean, we have a, I mean, made, came first, I mean, made from the sixties, but, or from amaz, from old justice, like

Kenric: from fantastic. For number 15.

John: When did that come? What’s his name? Awesome. Android. Yeah.

Kenric: Alias is awesome. Andy


John: June of 63 for awesome Android and June, June of what? June of 63 for [00:19:00] awesome Android, actually he first. Yeah. And then he first appeared in F F 15 and then June of 1960 for Maso.

Kenric: Oh, right there. So he’s definitely a brick Maso.

John: Yeah. I mean, it’s, it’s literally three years later,

Kenric: so. Yeah, well, Maso, I mean, that’s alright.

I guess, I mean, Maso has some cool storylines though. Yeah. Yeah.

John: But I mean, I said DC, Marvel, I mean, we have a whole sub series of DC Marvel, similar characters you can listen to, but we, we can bear characters back and forth, like yeah. You know, man thing and swamp thing, which came out within months of each other.

Kenric: So. Well, they were living together. Yeah. Yeah. But each

John: don’t talk about it now we’ll send, they go find the episode and listen to it and they can listen to the episode and find a lot about it. Well,

Kenric: just go listen to our, our Walt Simonon Louis Simonon interview. Oh yeah. They talk about that. Talk about it.

Yeah. Yeah. With them. So who were there? Louis Simonon lived in the same apartment complex. Yeah. As Bernie Wrightson and huh. I think it was Lynn Wayne. Yeah. Lynn Wayne. Yeah. [00:20:00] So go, go, go check that out. Yeah. It’s a lot of fun actually. Yeah,

John: this was fun, dude. We do it again.

Kenric: Yeah. You like that? Yeah. Yeah, we can do you know, we can make some short ones too.

Yeah. Well, why not?

John: So cool, man. All right. Well, I am gonna go get ready and go to the Marin’s game tonight. There you go.

Kenric: All right. Take my kids out to that. Well, everybody out there, we really thank you for stopping by and, and checking out what we had to do.

 If you just saw our Dr. Stranges episode and then heading over to this episode, then, you know, thanks for double watch. That was awesome. Yeah. Thank you. You know, and while you’re here, why not hit the little subscribe and the little notification, then you get a, you get to know when, when things are going on.

Yeah. We’re also on. Anywhere podcasts are heard. Yeah. So if you’re a fan of, of just getting in the car and listening, then you can download us on Google podcast, iTunes, Spotify, all those places we’re there.

John: So we’re on Twitter. We’re on Instagram. We’re on

Kenric: Twitter. [00:21:00]

John: we

Kenric: are, we are on Twitter. We are on Twitter.

Yeah. Twitter’s weird. I don’t understand how to gain anything on Twitter.

John: Apparently Kendrick’s on true social. So get him on there. If you want’s social yeah, you can get me for the next.

Kenric: Five minutes as I’m gonna go, go delete my thing here. I just, I didn’t realize it was like Donald Trump, right? Yeah. In the, and I was watching John Stewart.

Yeah. Yeah. That’s

John: all I find about too. I he,

Kenric: well, he was going over the, the girls test testimony on about January 6th. Yeah. And he was like, oh, you can find it on. True, true social. And I apparently I didn’t take the joke, went right over my head. And I’m like, oh, I didn’t know. There was a new social, social platform.

I checked it out. I’m like, oh my God, this aren’t Trump’s man. Yeah. All right, guys. All right. We are outta here. See you soon.

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