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This weekend I was lucky enough to have to work at the Orlando’s Spooky Empire. I like that they had a few characters from X Files (why I was there, to promote X-Fest, June 6th, 2019, in Schaumburg, packages go on sale Halloween) Sleepaway Camp, House of a 1000 Corpses, and Childs Play, with some individuals as well (Ricou Browning, Soska Twins, Elvira, Peter Criss to name the bigger ones.

They had a good variety of vendors as well, with most of them being from Florida it seemed. A few comic start ups, LOTS of art, custom purses, custom leather, etc. General comics and T shirts seemed very light compared to other cons, but overall, there were items to be had.

I did get to pay $20 to enter in a contest to be killed in a movie, get a tshirt, a DVD, a selfie, and an autographed picture from James Balsamo, so if I ever make the silver screen, I will let you know. I watched part of the movie, and it’s…interesting.

Now to the important stuff. I got to meet the great Ricou Browning. I saw Mr. Browning getting wheeled in, no shoes, and I thought for sure that meeting him would be anti-climatic. I could not have been more wrong. He was very engaging, sharp witted, and put up with me gushing like a school girl for more than a few minutes. Unfortunately, he didn’t want his picture taken, so all I have is memories.

After he autographed my stupid trinkets, we had some time to talk a bit about how much effort went in to create special effects back in his time, being a Universal Monster, and how much of an athlete he had to have been to be able to swim and hold his breath for so long, with a heavy costume on.
Then I gingerly approached him about The Shape Of Water. He lit up, and said he liked the movie but the botched the ending. He did say that he had a nice discussion with Guillermo del Toro about the GillMan, and how Universal refused him to do a remake of the original, so he ended up winning a few Oscars with The Shape of Water. We agreed that GdT was the man for the job, and that he was a wonderful director. Probably one of the best moments of my life.

While there, I also purchased a molding of the head from the Creature sequel. I don’t know if the guy was bullshitting me, but the price was right, and it is cool as hell. I will post pics as soon as my mannequin head comes in, and I can put it on it. It isn’t painted, but still very cool.

I also met the artist Robo Ohno. He was encouraging, very nice, and super cool. I later realized I had seen him play years ago in his band Nonpoint, where he played guitar. Very cool guy!

I promise something interesting soon, not my fanboy crush experiences!


Author: Jay Roach

Jay was born and raised within a 30 mile radius of Ottawa IL, home of Scotty Bowers and a guy who was in soap operas.  His family was Catholic, somewhat filled with ’50 Ideals and conservatism, which they attempted to pass down, and lifetime Democrats.

Jay am none of that nonsense, though he is probably more liberal in social views than most of them.  He's tattooed, has two wonderful boys who are both talented, one a musician, the other designing games.  He have two ex wives that he still get along with.  Jay have two cats (Chloe and Panda Lucifer) who are ambivalent towards Jay's existence unless wet food is involved.

Previously, Jay was the cohost of My Worst Holiday, and left on good terms but will still fill in on occasion.  He now write nonsense articles about whatever grabs his fancy, from old Universal Monster movies, to lunch health, to lists that get stuck in deep in his head and has to purge them.

Jay is an amateur artist, who hopes to branch out into painting this year.  You can see his stuff on social media, or read his stuff in The Roach's Den.

Jay is pretty sure he is allowed to hang around because he have watched a LOT of Burt Reynolds movies. (This is true)

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