Even God Rested on the 7th Day – Why the Joker Needs to Disappear

  Look gang, you’ve been reading all of our reviews of the “Jokermovie on Spoiler Country, you’ve heard the podcasts, you have been beat up by the media and the false reports of activity that isn’t happening because of the movie, the 53 comics a month released about the Joker, and Halloween is coming…god damn it…it’s coming, and it’s filled with idiots dressed as Phoenix’s Joker, and the hardcore dressing as either Nicholas’ or Ledger’s…it’s going to look like the end of the movie.

  So I have to say it….the Joker has to go.  Type in “Joker” in Amazon, or eBay, and you get a thousand items.  Go to your local comic shop, and at least half the titles have the Joker in it, reference him, or he’s on the cover.  In fact, go in public, be very quiet, and I bet you can’t go 15 minutes without someone bringing him up at this point.

  My point is, he has oversaturated the market.  The American media, and the American marketing machine, has done it’s usual lazy work, and taken something and shoved it at us ad nauseum.

  Don’t mistake me, I like the Joker character.  I grew up watching the reruns of Batman with the greatest Joker ever, Cesar Romero.  I loved his devil may care, laugh at everything, wink and a nod Joker.  It’s ingrained in me, it’s how I picture him.  Because he is a Joker.

  But today…well, today’s joker is from two schools.  He is this insane violence machine.  He kills to kill.  He is evil, and there is no hiding it.  There is also the school that the Joker is hyper moral, that he sees people’s flaws, and he kills all that fail in his judgement.

  Either or, he has got to go.  I would like to see him disappear for two years.  No print, no movies, no cartoons…just disappear, take a hiatus.  Make it so, when talking to friends, you can say “Hey, when is he coming back”

  When Chris Jericho came to the WWE, they did a countdown.  Every show, it would pop up, and though you suspected, and the rumors swirled, you knew something was coming, just not what.  So when he finally hit 0, and Jericho showed up in his electric jacket, it was absolutely electrifying.  You got goosebumps, even though you knew it was coming.

  People will be salivating by 18 months, when DC starts dropping hints of his return.  They know he’s coming, they feel it, the hairs on their arms are bristling…and then he hits….BOOM!  Interest skyrockets again, the books are probably worth something on the secondary market, and the character is fresh again.

  In the meantime, all the characters that are ignored, can get a little time.  We can see my personal favorite The Penguin get a chance to flourish.  Clayface can come out, wreak a little havoc, and enjoy a run.  Killer Croc can flex his muscles.  Maybe they can write something for Bane that is entertaining. (big maybe)  The possibilities are endless.  And even if sales take a little dip, he’s still there.  Hiding.  Waiting.  Anticipating.  Ready to explode on the scene again.

J “Bring back Penguin” R

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