Live Stream Questions getting answers and learn about us!

Holy crap we made it to 50 episodes in SIX MONTHS! Can you believe that?! To celebrate we did a double length LIVE STREAM! as requested in our poll on Twitter!

We go over a series of questions (listed below), talk some Star Wars and you learn some insight and background on who we are! Thank you SO much to everyone who joined us to listen live and interacted in the chatroom on our website, on Mixlr, and on Twitch!

We can not wait to do another live stream as it was just too much fun!

Questions we answered:

From Deth Invictus:

  • Why ‘Spoiler Country’?
  • Who are the brains behind ‘Spoiler Country’?
  • Why no you do Hentai?
  • Will you do older movies? I mean, really old, like early TV or before.
  • What do you think of foreign (non-US/English) movies?
  • What do you think of Indie movies?
  • What about Bollywood?
  • America has a tendency to steal movies from other countries and languages and make their own – what do you think of this and have you compared them?
  • Alita: Battle Angel?  Seriously?  Let’s discuss this and how badly it will be messed up!
  • More Anime, bitches!
  • Hey! How about that new Samurai Jack movie?  You know, the one with Batman?

From Kevin Joseph

  • Series (limited or ongoing) from the 70s, 80s or 90s you’d like to see revived.

From Jon Anderson

  • If you had to kill off the classic Justice League crew and replace them, who would you choose?

From Donnie Wray

  • Here’s one… in the past couple years hulk has become way more powerful and he’s super pesky to get rid of… I also remember the of the Death of Superman comics and when you think about it Doomsday is kind of a big ugly hulk… I also was a fan of the what if series… Well I wonder if you took a current Hulk and threw it up against a Current Superman no kryptonite for Hulk… Would it be an ongoing battle that would never end?

From Mike Peacock of One The Edge with Mike Peacock.

  • If you could do paid work on any “franchise”, what would it be? And what new ideas would you introduce? Would you take a new direction with it, or keep it comfortable and familiar? Assuming of course you were given the freedom to do so.

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