ECCC and CoronaVirus (Updated)


ECCC has decided to postpone the show. See statement below:


ECCC is offering refunds to all attendees. They said they are working on vendors, exhibitors and guest next.

This isn’t a click bait article. This is me putting down some thoughts I have about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) that is spreading like wild fire and the upcoming Seattle comic convention, ECCC.

At the time of writing this 6 people have died in Washington State ( from the virus. Who knows how many people have it, the current testing for the virus is literal bullshit.

Take a look at this thread for instance.

Yeah, that scares the shit out of me. I’m working from home right now because they closed a building less than half a mile from where I work that someone contracted to virus ( I saw that and I told my wife, who also works in the same building as me, I’m not going to Seattle right now.

This brings me back around to Emerald City Comic Con.

They did release some information on their twitter discussing the show and the virus recently, it’s a well written thread you should read, but ultimately it says they are not canceling unless forced.

I spent a decent amount of money to go to the show this year. I have my normal Pro Badge that gets me in, but I bought the Family Premium Package this year (cause I wanted to long and that was the only way to get kids tickets) and I have several high profile interviews set up for the show that I don’t really want to miss.

However I’m weighing my options here.

Option One:

Go to the show as planned. Wear gloves and/or a face mask (maybe cosplay?) and risk being in a public place with tens of thousands of people in a city that has the virus currently spreading.

Option Two:

Don’t go. Eat the costs and determine it’s just not worth the risk. I’m out about $500.

Option Three:

Hope ECCC cancels or postpones the show as I’m sure there will be a lot of guests canceling prior to the show starting.

Which will I pick? Honestly I’m not sure. I really don’t want to miss the show because I love it so much, and I have some pretty awesome people who have agreed to talk to me for the podcast there. On the other hand, I REALLY can’t afford for anyone in my family to get sick.

So I don’t know what I’m going to do. I really want either the virus to magically go away, or for ECCC to do the right thing.

2 thoughts on “ECCC and CoronaVirus (Updated)

  • March 3, 2020 at 1:16 pm

    Tough call… Not sure I have any answers other than to say that the decision is yours to make and I respect it.

    The kids would likely be alright given the demographics, and I am assuming you to be in a range of lower risk if you caught it. But, does one want to chance it?

    ECCC will do what it chooses to do. There’s a lot of money in play here right now and no one wants to lose out. Now or in the future. I am sure the people invested in ECCC want that money/recompense. A big motive for proceeding as normal.

    But you rightly point out that talent may be less likely to attend. Either on their decision or on the decision of their studios and insurance. Not sure any entertainment company wants to risk talent in front of tens of thousands of potentially infected people. I wouldn’t. (And actually saw one person whose publisher put the kibosh on the con)

    Proceeding forward without refunds, well, that’s going to drive a lot of people who may best fall in the ‘stay at home’ category to not to want to lose their money either. A day at con sick is better than a day home sick….

    With refunds? Well, that’s pretty easy to imagine.

    But on the back side, ECCC is setting themselves up for some lawsuits if a bunch of people are not only exposed, but who get sick as a result of con. Now, ECCC is clearly taking the best available guidance from health authorities and will use that as a defense…. But that may or may not be enough. The sick and the dying? When you see it in the news, that infection is over 2 weeks old. It’s history. With the infected infecting. What ECCC and attendees need to look at is forecasting what the spread and results are 2 weeks in the future to account for the infections that happen today.

    So far, we aren’t good at that.

    ECCC also runs the risk that if they misplay this one, repeat customers may not be coming back in the future. If people feel as though they have been screwed through no fault of their own, well, that’s not really the best way to get them to want to spend big bucks with you again.

    With 9 days until opening, I cannot predict how this will go down. It will be to the wire. Airline refunds/change fees waived play into this, the talent…. General attitudes given the social opinion of the masses….. But much pressure from the hoteliers, vendors and eateries to make this happen, as they will lose out bigtime as well.

    And, we are starting to see companies who are suggesting travelers stay home if they have been in areas with the virus. (Who among us has the money to quarantine a household for 2-3 weeks?)

    So…. it comes down to a personal decision on risk. Health, financial, home environment, work environment and those who count upon you. Only you can work the equation to a conclusion that suits you.

    Me… I won’t be attending… but that is my decision.

    • March 3, 2020 at 2:11 pm

      All valid additions to the post.

      I don’t know what I plan to do, but odds are unless something changes for the better I will not be in attendance this year and just hope I get a refund. I know in general my kids are in a good age to not be badly effected by this, but one of my sons does have medical issues that makes him a higher risk. It will break his heart to miss ECCC as he looks forward to it every year, but if that’s what we have to do to keep him safe (at least in our minds) I will.

      In a perfect world this virus is cured and gone by the start of the show and it’s all ok!


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