Dorian Tyrell was played by TWO people?!

We all know that Peter Greene played Dorian in what many consider to be the greatest comic book film of the 1990‘s. And I’ve seen The Mask more times than I can count, but it wasn’t until this past weekend when I was watching it with my almost 6 year old son Jack for the 5th time (he has fallen in love with this movie) that I realized Dorian with the mask on is not the same actor as Dorian with it off.

Peter Greene as Dorian Tyrell.
Garret Sato, the man behind the Mask.

Not to waste to much time on this, but Garret Sato is the actor that you see on screen with the green face paint on being all evil. It makes sense if you really look at it. When Dorian has the mask on his neck is twice as large and he fills out a TON. I guess growing up I never really thought about it, I just figured it was make up and not a completely new actor.

It’s crazy how it took me well over 20 years to realize that this character is played by two people. It always amazing me when it comes to movie magic like this, mostly because it was done well enough that I just never caught on. Maybe I’m an idiot for never realizing it until now, but having one character played by two actors that are very different in so many ways. Greene is a skinny 6’2″ white dude. Sato is a 5’11” muscle bound Asian-American guy. I mean it makes sense cause one is covered in HEAVY make up so you can’t really tell too much.

It is worth noting that the majority of Dorian Tyrell’s best lines and parts are when the Mask on. I guess this means that Sato is the true bad guy of this movie.

That is all, you may have know this, you may not have. Either way we are all a little more informed today on the subject of Dorian Tyrell.


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