Don’t Lure my kids!

We are back with another episode recorded in the car! Why in the car? It gives us something to do on our way to work! What’s that? You didn’t know Kaylie and I now WORK together! Well we do! How awesome is that! On this episode we start talking about someone trying to lure our son for something that probably wasn’t just to hang out, our house building process. We won’t talk about it on each episode but whenever there is an update or development we plan to share the process with all of you! And as we said in the episode, if you’ve gone through the process before and have any tips or warning signs please let us know at [email protected]! On the show tonight: John Kaylie Find us on Social: The Show John Upcoming shows we will be at! June 22-24 – ACE Comic Con in Settle July 18-22 – San Diego Comic Con Find us at all these places! Support the Show! Support us on Patreon: ¬† Support us with our Amazon Affiliate link!

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