Doctor Strange Multiverse Of Madness Director Scott Derrickson Disappears

Lets hope the Eye of Agamotto can see a new director at the helm soon!

Scott Derrickson, the talented writer/director behind The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Sinister, and the first Doctor Strange film has taken to twitter to inform fans that he will be leaving the Director’s chair of the second Doctor Strange film (Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness) but will stay on as Executive Producer. Spoiler Country will be sure to add new details to this story as they emerge. To get your next Scott Derrickson fix, keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Snowpiercer television show on TNT.

Casey Allen

Casey Allen is a writer and editor living in Alabama.

2 thoughts on “Doctor Strange Multiverse Of Madness Director Scott Derrickson Disappears

  • January 10, 2020 at 5:09 am

    This isn’t too shocking. Marvel seems to have a certain way of doing things and if a Director is unable to stay within those boundaries they are shoved out. Not saying Marvel never takes chances. GoTG, Thor Ragnarok, Capt. America Winter Soldier were all risks when they released them. But let’s not trick ourselves into believing that Marvel allows Filmmakers to truly express themselves. All the films are VERY formulaic. Even the ones mentioned above all fit within the 20 other films that were released prior or after them.

    DS2 will probably still have a “horror” feel to it. But much more kid friendly than I think many fans were hoping for. This is the Marvel Way.


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