Do We Really Want Kevin Feige Taking the Reins of Star Wars and for that Matter Lucasfilm?

With news that Kevin Feige will be creating a new Star Wars movie in the near future it is no surprise that rumors are now swirling that this is all a process in grooming him to replace Kathleen Kennedy as head of Lucasfilm. While we all know how successful the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been under the charge of Kevin would he be the right man to head Lucasfilm?

The concern is not of his ability to build a film universe but his lack of experience in anything other than comic book movies. Since 2000 Feige has done nothing in the film industry other than comic adaptations. Starting as an associate producer on Brian Singer’s X-Men, he worked his way through some of the worst superhero films of the early 00’s eventually finding himself President of Production in 2007 and then shortly thereafter becoming the face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes, he has helped lead and produce four of the top ten financially successful films of all time. However, that was after years of trying and failing within the medium he was working in. 

It is said he is passionate about Star Wars, which is why he is being brought in to create a new film, but is passion the best quality to look at when it comes to something like this? Rian Johnson was/is passionate about Star Wars. So much so that he has stated it was because of this franchise he got into film. And now look at how divisive his film was. And that is just talking about a movie, not an entire company dedicated to multiple franchises like Lucasfilm.

Luckily, Kevin taking over Lucasfilm wouldn’t come for a couple more years giving him time to dip his toes in the water and maybe play a little in the sandbox. Kathy Kennedy, the current head of Lucasfilm, has a contract that runs until the end of 2021. It could be during the next two years Kathy will be working with Kevin in making sure he can get a handle on the grand scheme and greater picture of what Lucasfilm is all about. Because remember, Lucasfilm isn’t solely Star Wars, there is a new Indiana Jones movie in the works as well as young adult fantasy novel adaptation, Children of Blood and Bone being developed. Can Feige run a company that isn’t focusing on one genre?

For all we know this could all be hearsay and Kevin will never leave the MCU side of things. Or maybe he is the perfect choice to take charge once Kennedy walks away. Feige is a smart man and one who has an impressive resume. Let’s just hope he doesn’t tarnish his recent success by taking on more than he can handle.

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