Do not self-destruct… A Review of The Mandalorian – Chapter 1

With November 12th here so comes Disney+ and a slew of new content for the nerds and non-nerds alike. Of all the new shows and movies probably the most anticipated is the first ever live action Star Wars show The Mandalorian. With Episode 1 finally seen by the masses does it hold up to what so many have loved about this franchise? Check out our spoiler free review of The Mandalorian: Chapter 1

The first episode is very much about getting to know the titular…. hero? A Bounty hunter with no name. He is collecting a bounty and in the process takes out some, what appears to be, thugs. It’s a scene that I hope truly sets the tone of what to expect with this series.

While the rest of the episode is mostly all set up for what is to come in the remaining episodes. We do get some glimpses of what appears to be the Mandalorian’s past. Something I look forward to them expanding on later.

The SPOILER or pay-off for this episode happens in its final moments. Something I never knew I wanted to see and something that I cannot wait to learn more about. Crazy to think how a 50 year old alien could shock, confuse and excite me as it did.

With all that let’s get into what this show brings to the table.


Immediately you feel like you are in a Galaxy Far Far Away. The grittiness of this show makes it more like the original trilogy than anything we have seen since, well…. the original trilogy.

Everything feels lived in. No shiny armor or ships.

The aliens are a nice mix of what we have seen in the past with some of the new additions we have gotten recently. I will say the one alien who has a bounty on his head, a Kadas’sa’Nikto , is a little too Star Trekie for my liking. But, I have always thought that about the species.


The main character, the Mandalorian, is absolutely something out of a Western. He is a cowboy going town to town collecting bounties. The fact that he is a Mandalorian just adds to his mystery and appeal. The Spaghetti Western feel cannot be mistaken and this character fits perfectly within it.

Connection to the Grander Universe

Being that it is Star Wars we knew that we would have references to the Universe at large. The fall of the Empire, the bounty hunter guild and even a small community of more Mandalorians adds more depth and meaning to what we are experience. Really it is no surprise with Dave Filoni involved in some capacity.

My excitement for this series has only grown after seeing Chapter 1. I Cannot wait to see what the rest of the series brings. And for those of you who are ready to set self destruct in motion with anything Star Wars related since Disney took over…. It’s time for you to get excited too.

For more on the Mandalorian make sure you check out this weeks episode of Shootin’ the Sith releasing later tonight (November 12th.)

The Mandalorian: Chapter 1 Review

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