Disney Live Action Bambi Remake A Misfire

The new Walt Disney Pictures remake of Bambi, directed by famed indie auteur David Lynch, is already considered a commercial flop it’s first week in theaters after a large social media campaign has taken the internet by storm. Angry parents telling their peers that #bambikills has generated a discussion about what is appropriate in Disney’s latest trend of reimagining classic animated films as live-action blockbusters with A-List talent. 

 One of the more vocal #bambikills parents Jaime Contreras, a father of two from Millington, Illinois stated in a tweet: 

This sentiment was heard and responded to by the actions of AMC Theaters recently when the company offered counseling to the unfortunate moviegoers that were able to catch the film on its release date before Disney quickly pulled the plug on the entire release. In a tweet from the official AMC twitter account a representative said 

While this move was seen as a positive from a few moviegoers, many feel it’s too little/too late. Spoiler Country reporter Zeb Stuart was able to interview one traumatized viewer:

“Everything was fine. We were ten minutes into the movie and my kids were beside me. Then, it happened. You’d think they would have changed the film, but no…He did it. The hunter came out of nowhere. So many tears. My kids were like “It’s okay, dad. We’ve seen the cartoon. We know this movie”, but that didn’t help me at all! I had to get my nine year old to call an Über because I couldn’t see my phone through the tears. He ended up making me a microwave burrito and putting me to bed early. Kids these days are made of sterner stuff, man. I blame video games.”

Concerned parent

The film was set to be David Lynch’s return to the mainstream after nearly forty years on the fringes of Hollywood film making. While the director has had some commercial success, specifically with the Twin Peaks television series and films, the live action Bambi films was his attempt to go commercial and cement his status (literally) as one of the greats on the Hollywood walk of fame. Our attempts to contact representatives from Disney Studios have been unanswered. Spoiler Country is following this story closely and will update as new information becomes available.

Casey Allen

Casey Allen is a writer and editor living in Alabama.

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