Deeper Memeing: Toothless Presents Himself

Hello Spoiler Country, and welcome to “In Search of Deeper Memeing” where we look at memes. I personally love me some memes, them and cat pics are realistically the only things that keep me on Facebook. In this installment we look at the meme spawned from one of my favorite trilogies of all time, How To Train Your Dragons.

Here is a blank image for all you meme needs.


Earlier this year, the final installment (I pray at least, it was such a beautiful ending to a truly magnificent trilogy) of How To Train Your Dragons hit the silver screen. A big part of Toothless’ plot in the film revolved around a light furry that appears which he becomes instantly smitten with. Hiccup, his human companion, tries to help his buddy get some loving which leads to a scene where Toothless tries dancing and looks absolutely ridiculous, with the light furry looking on in confusion while Hiccup gives him an encouraging thumbs up. That sequence was deemed “meme worthy” by the meme illuminati, and the “Toothless Presents Himself” meme was born.


You got three panels in this one, the top picture (or the one with Toothless if you are trying to mix up the order) is a decision/action that someone decides to do. The Light Furry panel is a not-so flattering response to the action made (usually being someone you are trying to impress) while Hiccup’s thumbs up panel is the person who instigated the action, most likely knowing how the event would transpire, loving every minute of the awkwardness and encouraging the Toothless panel person. (Made one of my own so you can see another example of it).


There was a minute during the summer/late spring where this meme popped up and was all over the place, but lately it’s not seen as much. I personally love the film and always get a laugh when I see it resurface which it does every now and then.

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