Deeper Memeing: The Epstein Bug

Hello Spoiler Country, and welcome to “In Search of Deeper Memeing” where we look at memes. I personally love me some memes, them and cat pics are realistically the only things that keep me on Facebook. For this installment, we are looking at the recent bug that’s been affecting memes, self-titled “The Epstein Bug” (while most refer to it as the “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself”)


Just google Jeffrey Epstein (or don’t, your call). I don’t really keep up with the news but it would seem that he was a bad dude with dirt on powerful people and was going to spill some beans but “committed suicide” while in jail. It feels like this whole thing happened months ago, so why the meme illuminati decided now to unleash this virus on memeland is beyond me.


No meme is safe from the Epstein Bug, all that you need to do is replace the punchline (or any line in it) with Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself and boom it’s infected. These memes breaks it down better than I ever could.


I guess like most conspiracy theories there are always going to be people who think Epstein didn’t kill himself so there will always be a fan base for this. The creativity and options for this can keep it fresh which could help it stay alive, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t see this bug by mid November.

Is there a meme out there that you would want to see covered? Tweet it to @spoiler_country with the hashtag #deepermemeing and we will give it a look!

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