Deeper Memeing: Hotline Bling

Hello Spoiler Country, and welcome to “In Search of Deeper Memeing” where we look at memes. I personally love me some memes, them and cat pics are realistically the only things that keep me on Facebook. For this week’s installment, we are looking back at the “Hotline Bling” meme.

Here is a blank image for all you meme needs.


We go back to the fall of 2015, Spoiler Country was nothing more than a Spoiler Colony and the MCU had recently wrapped up “Phase 2” with Age of Ultron and Ant-man. The Canadian/Jewish rapper Drake had dropped his new track “Hotline Bling”, with its music video dropping later. The video featured Drake’s unconventional dance moves, with Drake doing a “no thank you” look at one point in the video followed by a “hell yea” expression which the Meme Illuminati took and created a new meme with.


People have opinions, and Drake agrees with you. Think something is better than another thing, Drake agrees. Is there an underrated entity out there that you believe is better than something popular that is similar, Drake agrees with you. Simply put something you don’t like on top and your preferred thing on the bottom and Drake is on your side.


The Hotline Meme makes an appearance every now and then in shitposting groups, but the template of “something you don’t like/something you do like” has created spinoffs with meme makers taking their frames of their favorite characters/actors making the facial expressions needed for the template. Heck, even Blizzard The Wizard made one a couple years ago.

Is there a meme out there that you would want to see covered? Tweet it to @spoiler_country with the hashtag #deepermemeing and we will give it a look!

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