Deeper Memeing: 6ix9ine

Hello Spoiler Country, and welcome to In Search of Deeper Memeing where we look at memes. I personally love me some memes, them and cat pics are realistically the only things that keep me on Facebook. For our first installment, we are going to look at the recent phenomenon that is the “6ix9ine” meme.

Here is a blank image for all you meme needs.


So I guess this kid is a rapper? I’ve never heard of him and have no intention of listening to his music. Apparently he went to court for something (yet again, before the meme I had no idea who he was and had no interest in him) and while on trial he ratted out everyone he could which lit the fuse that the meme-making illuminati needed to create a new template.

I think this meme perfectly sums up my thoughts on this guy.


In the fictitious “Memeland” 6ix9ine knows every secret and he is ready to spill the beans on ALL OF THEM! Superhero with a secret idea? He’s telling the world their real name. Timmy Turner has Fairy Godparents that he will lose if anyone other than those they grant wishes for find out about them? Well get ready to lose your memory of them because he is sharing it with the world. Any secret you can think of, he’s telling the court. (I saw a beautiful one today where he tells Scotty, who infamously did not know his girlfriend and the leader singer of a band playing did it in his van every Sunday. The internet is a beautiful place you guys.)


I don’t see this one staying in the meme rotation for too long. I love the premise of this one and each day you see people take it to new levels (Stitch on a snitch… get it?) but it’s based on something topical so who know.

Is there a meme out there that you would want to see covered? Tweet it to @spoiler_country with the hashtag #deepermemeing and we will give it a look!

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