Deadpool #1 coming in Nov 2019 from Kelley Thompson!

The Merc with a Mouth is back in an all new #1 from super star writer Kelly Thompson (Hawkeye, Jessica Jones, Carol Danvers) with art by the ever talented Chris Bachalo (Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men). In the first story arc (detailed below) has him up against some giant monster and dealing with…monster law? I dunno, sounds insane but I’m in!

The need for the blazer over the costume, it’s a fashion must.

Teaser Variant by DAVID BALDEÓN with Colors by BRIAN REBER

Deadpool’s newest mercenary job has him going after the King of Monsters, who has claimed a new kingdom for his monstrous subjects…on Staten Island! But you know what they say, when you come at the king, you better not miss! The Merc with a Mouth finds himself neck deep in political intrigue, monster law, and a monster hunter out for blood! It’s like The Crown but with even more swords and monsters! Can Deadpool’s smooth charisma and deft diplomacy allow him to keep his head, or will he be royally screwed?

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