Daphne Byrne #1 Review

Towards the tail end of 2019, Hill House Comics released a line of DC Black Label comics inspired and written by the horror mind Laura Marks. The Black Label Series covers a ton of comics, such as the Low, Low Woods and Basketful of Heads. As an added bonus, each comic has a page or two from Sea Dogs, which is a short story and even more of a reason to pick up the series!

Daphne Bryne’s interesting concept portrayal in the first issue

The introductory issue to the Daphne Byrne story takes place in the late 19th century New York. Grief strikes her family when her father abruptly dies. Struck with grief, her mother falls victim to a cult who allows her to think they can contact her deceased husband. Daphne, not being led on feels a suspicious entity inside her. What could brother want……..

The story is very gripping from the start, grabbing your attention from the get-go. Between the occultist group that is twisting her mother into believing they can contact her deceased husband and Daphne herself being twisted by an evil presence, the story has a ton of potential.

The artwork is gripping and appealing to the eye of horror fans

There is a ton of great examples of what makes Kelley Jones a superb horror artist. He perfectly captures the essence of a undead being, with bones sticking out of the back of some, others just have a grotesque looking faces. As a result of focusing on faces, the eyes of his creatures are used to chilling effect, you feel like they’re truly evil.

This comic is most certainly interesting by all means. If you’re a fan of horror fiction I’d recommend picking it up. With this I’d recommend picking up the other tales from Hill House Comics. If you’re more of a fan of a traditional super hero tale, you could skip this.

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