Curran Walters – Jason Todd / The Red Hood on DC’s Titans!

Today we are joined by the one and only Curran Walters who plays Jason Todd / The Red Hood on DC’s Titans!

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Interview scheduled by Jeffery Haas

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Curran Walters – video Interview

Jeff Haas: . [00:00:00] Hello. Let’s go to spoiler country today on the show. We have a fantastic actor, Mr. Kerryn Walters. How’s it going? I’m good, man. How you doing? It’s a huge pleasure to talk to it. As I was saying off air my wife’s a big fan of years. Me and my wife together watch Titans and you’re fantastic. And the show is awesome.

Curran Walters: Thank you so much. That means a lot.

Jeff Haas: And I think it’s a cool thing. When a show is good enough and universal enough that, you know, your husband wanted, you can sit down and just be like, we want to both watch this show. Cause that’s true of all the shows. Titans is one of them that has a universal appeal, right?

Curran Walters: It’s it’s, it’s one of those few superhero shows too. You can almost any age and stuff and watch if you know, you allow that, but it’s, it’s, it’s pretty awesome. The storyline this season is by far my favorite too. So it’s a great. It kind of,

Jeff Haas: I kind of think that the way the show is set up with the different characters, often you have Nightwing you’ve Raven beast, boy, all of them is that there’s someone in that show for every viewer to identify with on some level.

I mean, [00:01:00] Jason, Todd, I mean, he’s got his issues. I mean, he’s a bit, he’s kind of. This season, but if you watch the first, you see him, he has of this long history of difficulties that a lot of people probably can identify with that kind of problem upbringing.

Curran Walters COMBINED: Yeah.

Curran Walters: And, and that’s, that’s pretty cool. That’s something that I always pay attention to, you know, with the fans saying whatnot.

And that’s a beautiful thing. Like even just my care character alone, like I have fans reaching out like, oh, you, you saved my life. Like your character is so like just hits home for me, you know? So it’s, it’s pretty awesome. You hit it, spot on how every single superhero character in the show kind of relates to everybody in a certain way.

So it’s a beautiful thing. And

Jeff Haas: you’re killing it on this show. I mean,

actually, no, I started actually I started season three and I went backward to season one. I watched season one that wants you to two, and then I just call up the new episode, but I came a little bit. I came a late, I think. The first few episodes of season one, and then I stopped for a while and finally came back to it.

But it is better than [00:02:00] having a knowing what happened with your character. Season three makes coming back season one seems so tragic, so incredibly tragic,

Curran Walters: right? Yeah. You kind of watch it

Jeff Haas: in reverse. Yeah. Yeah. I guess I did like a star wars thing. I saw the four, five and six. I went back and saw the prequel, I guess.

And like I said, and you’re, and you’re just doing such a good job with it. And I was surprised when I looked up. Cause I w we just kind of researched my guests. And I saw that from your first television role, which was, I guess, growing up called, growing up and down to tightness. It’s only been like four years and four years.

You went from new to a major character role. I mean, that’s like.

Curran Walters: Yeah, it’s just persistence in this industry. You know, he just, I think if you, if you’re really in it for the right reason and you love what you do, you know, you, you fail, you get back up, you keep going and eventually the right role will land.

And that’s, that’s the opportunity I was given. So

Jeff Haas: if I heard the story correctly, you got the role of Jason Todd [00:03:00] after just one audition.

Curran Walters: Yeah, man. It’s, it’s funny. Everyone asks us questions. So I I’ll, I’ll tell you the story too. Basically I went out for the audition. I had no idea. I knew that it was tightened.

I had no idea what I was playing, what I was doing. And this was probably four or five years ago already. That’s insane. But you know, I went out and I was like, oh cool. I’m going to be like a guest star on the show, a couple episodes here and there. I have no idea who I’m playing, what I’m doing. And it turns out after booking it two weeks later, I had like a costume fitting and they’re like, oh yeah, you’re playing Jason, Todd, Robin.

And I’m like, Great. Awesome. You know, that’s that it was kind of a shock and it was you know, it was pretty, pretty cool. And here we are years later still doing it. So then when you

Jeff Haas: auditioned, you didn’t know which role you are auditioning for? No idea. What, what was the audition? Even like? I had

Curran Walters: a feeling it was an important character, but I didn’t know.

I don’t remember which Tina was in season one, but it was one of the scenes we did it. Might’ve been. I think my audition scene [00:04:00] was where I was season one, some scene in like a parking garage with Dick. I think that’s what it was, but yeah, man, it was, it was, it was interesting. And then I was supposed to get a call back and they just booked me right away.

So they believed in me so

Jeff Haas: much th that that’s a nice confidence boost right there. Huh? I mean, first edition, like, yeah, you’re the guy we’re done. We’re done the search. It’s over.

Prior to receiving Jason Todd, did you know the character? Was, were you a combo fan at all? Did you know anything about the Robin Jason Todd character at that?

Curran Walters: I’m going to be honest. I, I, I knew who the Robins were. Obviously. I didn’t know. There were so many, of course I knew of like the Tim Drake and stuff, but not really, as soon as I booked the character and I found out that I was playing Jason Todd, I went out and I bought every comic book I can regarding Jason Todd and I.

Geeked out on that for years to come now. And here I am. I’m, I’m, I’m a big geek and all this stuff now. So, well, I mean,

Jeff Haas: not everyone is a fan of Jason or anyone who knows Jason Todd, everyone knows the deaths in the family [00:05:00] series where he gets killed by a crowbar from the joker. When you got the role, was that already known that this was going to happen to your character?

Or was this something that just kind of happened over time?

Curran Walters: It was kind of something that happened over time. I think I found out about this season, end of season two, that we were going to be doing this death in the family arc. And you know, I, I became a fan of the character myself as we’re filming season one and season two, I’m like, I really hope we get to do this death in the family arc.

You know? So the minute I found out we were doing that, I was thrilled and I’m blessed that we were able to.

Jeff Haas: And like I said, it’s such a great moment in comic books. I mean, it’s such a a Seminole moment in anyone growing up in the eighties or nineties knows that storyline. And one thing that’s really cool is unlike a lot of superhero characters in DC, the big or Marvel, Jason Todd has never been played on screen until you did it.

The first Jason Todd on screen. So th did that increase the pressure [00:06:00] because, you know, it’s the first time that the decrease, because you know, there’s no one else to measure up next to

Curran Walters: a little bit of both. Obviously I was the first live action, so I didn’t really have really have anything to base it off.

You know, I was kind of setting the standard of what it should be and, and whatnot. So, but of course, I mean, anytime that I care so much about a character or role that I’m playing, I want to do it for the fans. I want to, I want to give it my best. I’m gonna give it my all. So. I, I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel that sense of pressure for sure.

I definitely felt even while filming the third season, bringing redhead to life. I mean, that’s, that’s where the pressure I was. I really felt the pressure, you know, so, but I’m just happy. The fans enjoyed all three seasons so far.

Jeff Haas: I mean the character of Jason Todd, once again, it’s, it’s a very bad-ass character.

Unlike a lot of the other characters kind of have to be a little more reserved just, and I get to do and say almost like anything. It seems like, you know what you can do with that character, you can be this bad-ass, you know, kind of a tough character, but also at the same time, you know, a hero character.

[00:07:00] When, when you were first given the road, Jason, what did people, what were, what did the directors tell you about how to perform that role? It was just, were there insights to be like, you know, we want to kind of be more like this. It had to, you know, cause like I said, he’s kinda, he’s a tough character. I mean, on the one hand, he’s this cool likable kid and character, but at the same time, it’s a bit of an ass to, you know,

Curran Walters: It w it was fun that, that good balance, you know, we have such an amazing team in a writer’s room.

So, you know, it was finding that balance, but ultimately they, they kind of let me have freedom to do what I want to do with the character. And, you know, they put their trust in me and whatnot. So I’m very thankful for that. And it it’s,

Jeff Haas: it’s such an, and you also mean the character is such a physical role.

Yeah, all the martial arts. I mean, I assume that, I mean, a lot of that looks like it’s you, I mean, or is it you doing, I mean, how much does that actually you doing it?

Curran Walters: Yeah. I mean, of course we have such an amazing stunt team and shout out to my son, devil Thomas. This season was a little bit [00:08:00] more. Heavy on the stones with red hood.

But yeah, I do as much as I can that I’m comfortable with doing, because obviously I don’t want to get hurt while filming, but you know, a lot of it is my son double. We do a good job at higher unit though. So

Jeff Haas: yeah. You know, and I think that’s really cool that you actually shout out to your stunt double, you know, some trouble, some doubles don’t get anywhere near enough credit as they probably deserve.

And I really liked that. You just were like, you know what? I owe it to this guy to, you

Curran Walters: know, I, I genuinely.

Probably so

Jeff Haas: easy to be like, no, that’s always me. That’s me.

So the parts that the fiscal aspects of it, that you’re doing yourself how much training and chorionic work is to take, to have done those parts.

Curran Walters: We did a lot, obviously with COBIT and whatnot and all the protocols, you know, it was different with who we could have in the train room and when we could train and all that.

We didn’t get to train as a team, as a Titans team as much this year. But the cool thing about this season [00:09:00] that we were able to do, we were able to, since red hood uses guns, we were able to bring in military guys and, you know, go over just how to move and how to hold the guns correctly. And. How I just move around corners.

It was, it was such a cool new experience to do.

Jeff Haas: Now, did you have anything in your prior history? I know prior to acting you, are your model, was there anything prior in that history, either athletics or anything like that that made you confident that you could pull off these action scenes?

Curran Walters: I always played sports growing up, like soccer, football here and there.

I work out here and now, so I knew I could do it. And I knew like, you know, like we were talking about earlier, persistence is key. So if I keep working towards it and, you know, keep working hard at, I believe you can do anything you set your mind to is.

Jeff Haas: And how fun is it to play the flight Nightwing is that

Curran Walters: it was so different, man.

Cause it was like season one and two were on the same team. And now here we are fighting each other, so it was brightened and I get along so well together. So it was, it was [00:10:00] funny to have that dynamic that new dynamic. Yeah, the one

Jeff Haas: cool thing about the show. And like I said, I think the cool thing is how quickly it, you can kick out watching that program.

And I really liked it. There’s a, there’s a scene. I can’t remember which season, which episode, some, probably the first season where the character of Dick Grayson points out that putting on the suit affects you psychologically. Okay. When you are playing Jason, Todd has Rob and Jason Todd as red. Does getting into costume effect psychologically how you play the Caroline.

Did your mom immediately feel in the Mo you know, in the moment when that happens, does it change between red hood and when you’re playing Jason, Todd, how that feels?

Curran Walters: Absolutely. You know, immediately when I stepped into the Jason Todd Robin costume, I’m like, I’m like 12 again, you know, I’m like, Ooh, like it’s so it’s so fun.

But then, you know, with the new character, Immediately when I put on that red hat outfit, it’s a whole different, it’s totally different vibe. And I, I just feel like, I feel like red hook, you know, I feel like, [00:11:00] like I’m just here to do business. I’m here to, you know, go out, you know, this season obviously go after the Titans and whatnot.

So yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s a totally different dynamic.

Jeff Haas: Is it always, is it you in the red hood costume, even though your face is all covered, that’s still you doing it.

Curran Walters: Yeah. That’s the only, the only time that I’m not in it or I I’m, I’m still right there is when we’re doing stunt scenes and that’s my son double.

Jeff Haas: And, and, and that the voice of the red hood, once again, it sounds so sniffly different. Are they doing something with the audio? Is that you

Curran Walters: correct? So that was one of the biggest challenges I had this season as figuring out the voice that I want to do with the red hub, because like we talked about earlier, I had nothing to compare it to.

So I kind of had to go with my gut feeling. And obviously the only really version that I was able to see was under the red hood movie. So. Immediately, I had just, I had to shift my voice. I had to make it a little, a little darker, just, just more straightforward, you know, like, [00:12:00] like, like the killer he is.

So, but the cool thing about it that I never got to do was actually all the things that I do on my mask we do in ADR. So I’m able to go thereafter in, you know, check out the scene here, like. The after effects, they put on the voice and whatnot. So yeah, it’s, it’s, it was, it was a process finding the voice and I think it came out amazing

Jeff Haas: and, and, and, and I think it’s really cool.

And one thing I liked as well, I mean, I think in many ways, your CA you specifically has the, you’ve had the most growth of, of a character than any other character in the three seasons. Right? I mean, I mean, don’t get me wrong. I mean, every character has, has has their, their arc, but I mean, like season two I, it was season two.

Jason, Todd falls off the building. And there’s a scene where you’re on the cliff, where the character is kind of, kind of plating, I guess, suicide at that moment. That’s such a strong moment and it’s such an emotionally strong mobile. Is it, you know, what is this relate to like dig your teeth into scenes like that are that, I mean, those [00:13:00] are tough.

I mean, it looks

Curran Walters: tough. All those scenes take so much work, so much pacing around my apartment, figuring out what the D two weeks, you know, it’s like, and then when he gets. You really feel, you really feel in the moment you really feel the scene? Yeah, I guess that’s what comes with acting, you know, just, just going with your gut, trusting me, the amazing creative team around you and, you know, just giving it your best then that’s, that’s all you can do.

Jeff Haas: And I think it’s, it’s really amazing. I mean, even if it almost, you said it wasn’t didn’t seem planned that eventually 30th was going to be, or they didn’t tell you that red hood was gonna be season three. But when you watch the other two seasons, so many breadcrumbs are there that you w when you go back and you watch it, like, so I went back and I saw them in reverse.

You’re like, I see that, I see what you did. There is what you did. Yeah. It’s amazing. Just how well it all connects and how you played it, even if apparently if you didn’t know, that’s just amazing because I can see in your performance just feels like you could see you heading that direction. It’s ingenious.

Curran Walters: I prepare for it. You know, I, I didn’t know. I [00:14:00] prepared now it’s a possibility it could happen. And you know, where we saw me leave at the end of season two, I had a good feeling. And then once we found out that it was going to happen, That’s pretty cool. And your, your

Jeff Haas: character has such good chemistry with the character, with the character of a rose, a Slade.

Me, is there any hope we’re going to discourage her? Could be visiting again sometimes season three or spoiler.

We won’t give away too many spoilers then. But, like I said, it was you guys. That was great. And I think another thing is when you’re playing Jason, Todd, now as red hood, do you view it at you viewed the character as a villain, or are you looking at the character? Like I’m just broken and he’s really just a wayward hero.

And obviously everyone who’s watched the newest episodes too. We know what’s going on with the scarecrow in the background as well. When you’re playing the character and you’re thinking about the character, how much of, what the character, the characters actions you think are his and his willingly?

How much are [00:15:00] you thinking that he’s just upon of a bigger game?

Curran Walters: You put that in a, in a good way. And I think that’s something we discover more throughout the season, but you know, he’s, he’s struggling with both sides. He’s obviously now with what he’s done to Hank it’s like, how could you not do this?

Guy’s a villain, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s very hard not to. And he knows that. And then he’ll also has this other side of like, dealing with the fact that he did this to one of his own family members, you know, like he, he tore the Titans apart. So it’s a very fine line that he struggles with. You know, he tries to get away from the.

That old life is in, in, in, in, in mascot with the red hood. But then when he’s there’s moments where you see them not in red hood and he’s struggling with what he did, he wants to go back to the family. So, you know, it’s, it’s a, it’s a very interesting dynamic. We get to explore throughout the season.

Jeff Haas: And yeah, I was just saying about what he did to Hank.

I mean, that’s the place, that’s a hard thing to turn and to come back from, I mean, that’s a lie right there. [00:16:00] Yeah. I mean, you, you think that even the, like, have you noticed any fan base, meaning like, God damn Jason, Todd, this is unforgivable now or

Curran Walters: my Instagram. I think it great.

Jeff Haas: You’re taking shit online.

Hopefully they’re, they’re separating the two you versus separating you and Jason Todd

notice. Cause like I said, fan put your calm books and any nerd fan base, you know, star Trek, star wars, comic books, anything like that. The fans have barely passed. And like, do they, are you finding that fans are able to separate you from the role or are they seems to, cause I know some seems like can confuse the two and be like you bastards like, well, it’s not him.

It’s not, it’s the character on the show. There’s

Curran Walters: actually, you have, you have both, you have people actually hate you for what you did and you have people like, all right, that was just a character, but. Now, so it’s a fine line. [00:17:00] It’s it all depends on the person, but you know, I, I take everything with a grain of salt and I, I really only pay attention to the positive things I see online.

And that’s it

Jeff Haas: does D has the dynamics on the set change now that you’re the bad guy on the show or not part of the team? I mean, so you feel like the other actors kind of like, you’re now slightly. In a different situation than the other. You’re not quite with them anymore as like performing together, rehearsing together.


Curran Walters: That, that definitely chick, you know, a little bit, not too much, but you know, I overall, I miss working with everyone, you know, I miss having that interaction, you know, even with Gar and, and Raven and whatnot. So yeah, it all changes a little bit, but at the end of the day, we’re, we’re still an awesome cast.

Family. So

Jeff Haas: if anyone’s listening, Raven needs to come back on the show if she has already. And so just pointing that out, but not even halfway through the season, I might say, I’m assuming patient there’s somebody going to character. That’s like, come on, I’m going to, I want to get this happening [00:18:00] when you get so antsy about these things, you know, and.

Is in your opinion as well is red hood. It would, would you say that Fred hood is the primary villain of the season? Is the art of the season long or is it going to be segmented throughout the show?

Curran Walters: Yeah, I, I would say he is the primary Dillon, you know, as the season goes on, you know, I think, I think the villain to red hood is, is Jonathan Crane, you know? And that’s, that’s a dynamic dynamic. We get to explore more, but yeah, ultimately I would say he’s, he’s. Basically the villain, the biggest bill in this season.

Jeff Haas: And I think another one of your best scenes. And like I said, so many of your scenes are just, you know, they’re just so good, you

Curran Walters: know? So that means a lot is I’m, I’m my own worst critic now.

Jeff Haas: Well, I mean, they’re just so dynamic and this there’s a subtlety to your performance as well, that you would assume from watching your performance, that you’ve been doing it for a [00:19:00] long time, not, you know, six, seven years.

It seems like you’ve got. You know, your, your life, you know, there’s a scene in season three. That’s one of the recent episodes. I’m going to get the guy’s name wrong. I’m gonna apologize on camera. If I pronouncing right lane Glen lane, Ian Glenn. Oh, that’s an, I saw there’s like a line that, oh, it’s an eye.

Okay. Sorry. Sorry, England. Yeah. So there’s a scene in where Preuss takes Jason to where his parents got killed and he has, and he has that talk about why just wanted him B Jason, Todd and Jason is clearly hearing totally different interpretation of what Bruce Wayne needs and as performing it as Jason, you’re both hearing.

But on the other hand, you’re also doing it in a very, you know, you’re also getting angry and showing, you know, picking on the wrong beat of the conversation. So how did you go about that scene? Was it a tough, tough scene to perform? How long did it take to practice with Ian?

Curran Walters: [00:20:00] Honestly, I, that was probably one of the easier scenes, you know, that has a Brian Hill are amazing rider for episode five, by the way.

But yeah, Ian is just so amazing to work with. We only really got time to rehearse over our zoom table calls. So our table reads, so we didn’t have much time and we kind of just, you know, we figured it out on the day and the chemistry was there, so it was pretty great. And that turned, that scene turned out to be amazing.

Jeff Haas: That’s one of those classic moments where like, when it’s time to do like awards, it’s like, this is my clip because like it’s, it’s you do such a. So many layers to it, how that scene went with you. And I don’t, I mean, I don’t know if you get enough hopes, you’re getting enough praise for that moment, because like I said, there’s moments, you can see the anger and the sadness and the feeling of not only neglect, but being.

A lifetime I’ve been putting me, you can see all these things and you can almost see the character. You just hit that one moment of scene ignored everything else from the entire series. You can almost tell everything you wanted to know about Jason Todd, that one clip

Curran Walters: [00:21:00] cause yeah. Cause lives, you know, so I just, yeah, I, I think the riding in that whole episode was.

Jeff Haas: Terrific. So, but it’s, I would say it’s but the performance made that possible. He said you could see the layers on your face.

Curran Walters: Yeah, that means they believed in me. So that’s, that’s always a plus.

Jeff Haas: So, and another one that you’re having a lot of seasonal with is Vinson . We weren’t anywhere near the ballpark.

Curran Walters: I pronounce his last name.

Jeff Haas: All right. So I’m not the only one who can’t do that. All right. So, we’ll call him Vincent Vincent and scarecrow Vincent scarecrow. There’s no one that you have a lot of scenes with and he’s also. There’s also a great dynamic between you and Vincent. A lot of chemistry there is that just natural chemistry that you guys had immediately.

Did you have to work to get that?

Curran Walters: Both villains. So, you know, it was just, it was just taking our, our years of experience of being actors and working it out on the day. I think a lot of the scenes, you know, with every character was just [00:22:00] figuring out what the scene felt like on the day. You can’t really prepare for a scene until you really run it with the other actor.

So yeah. As far as that goes, yeah. Just, just figuring it out on the day. Yeah. Th

Jeff Haas: there’s another good seen in the show beginning of third season. Okay. Where. Night wind’s character is talking to scarecrow in the prison and he’s talking about what kind of person would be this bright red hood. And he said something along the lines of about a father figure or an alternative father figure and scarecrows kind of talking back with them.

It’s like a surrogate father figure, right? When you’re performing Jason, Todd, are you in your mind, do you see the character as viewing scarecrow as a surrogate father figure or someone that he’s just utilizing for a similar cause or. Because of obviously the connection to the drugs, is he simply the dealer with power over him?

Curran Walters: I think the last one, I think just honestly, because of the drug and the furious nothing more really. And yeah, just, just, just Jason God at that [00:23:00] moment, you know, just almost do anything to get rid of his, his past and the trauma that he went through with the first.

Jeff Haas: Like I said it, that they’ve done a great job.

I think this is definitely their strongest, the strongest season of Titans.

Curran Walters: It’s great. It’s, it’s one of my favorites for sure.

Jeff Haas: So, just just two last questions then I know you do have to go. So. Or are you heading towards the convention circuit and with COVID going on? Is that something that it can interfere with it and you still think you are to maintain your convention?

Curran Walters: You know, that’s something we’re all figuring out. So, you know, it’s, it’s really a personal choice. It’s, you know, how comfortable I feel with COVID and what not. I would love to go, I would love to go if the protocols are right and, you know, it’s safe for me to not go and I’m not bringing that home to my family.

But yeah, I, I, as far as, as the conventions go, I hope I’m doing this for 10 plus more years, you know, I, I think those things are so awesome to interact with fans and just be there around creative.

Jeff Haas: I, I would say as a fan, we greatly appreciate it.

Curran Walters: Awesome. Hey, that’s what I [00:24:00] do it for you guys are amazing.

Jeff Haas: So without, I know you can’t give away any spoilers or obviously HBO will kill you and NBA probably for making you do do so. But can you sort of, kind of hint at what listeners can look forward to in the upcoming episodes of Titans on HBO?

Curran Walters: More more. About my character specifically, I’d say more trauma, just more seeing the struggle of Jason. You know, the fans always, always get mad, like, oh, you broke my heart. We Jason, that I’m like, you guys haven’t seen anything yet. So yeah, I think I can just more of just that struggle, which is is such a cool dynamic for superior.

And, and like

Jeff Haas: I said, it’s one of those things where it’s kinda, it’s kinda funny that you, you have us as fans very much torn and, and I’ll blame you in the writers. You know, on the one hand you make a kick ass villain and Jason Todd is a great villain. On the other hand, we kind of like when he was with the tendons as well.

[00:25:00] So we’re like, we kind of wanted to be redeemed at the same time. He’s a villain. We kind of don’t because he makes a good villain. You, you have this kind of torn in two different directions with this character. Yeah.

Curran Walters: I guess, I don’t know, just, I don’t really think anything of it, man. Just, you know, I, the minute I found out I was playing a bill and I was just like, all right, I’m, I’m immediately a villain.

It goes back to what we were talking about earlier. Just, you know, right. When I put on that costume, I was like, I, I just felt it through my body. And I was like, this is it. I got to embody this character. So I don’t think too much of it. I just, I figure it out. I do my research as an actor and. Do my thing.

Jeff Haas: Now I’m going to have one last question ask away. Oh, I appreciate that. Is it just more fun to be the villain? I mean, you have to be the hero in the village. Is it more, is the villain more fun?

Curran Walters: I can’t pick a side to be honest with you. They. Jason, Todd Robin will always have my heart. I mean, playing that character was just so fun, but yeah, being a [00:26:00] villain is awesome.

It’s a totally different challenge and totally different characters. So yeah, they’re both, they’re both still fun.

Jeff Haas: And like I said, it’s, I think what titles may feel Mexican. I, I hope you have they also interact with some, the other shows that are connected to HBO, max, like CW stuff, and some do patrol.

So throwing that out there and was listening. But either I thought I have any power, but just throwing that out there, you never know it could be one person listening to be like, you know what? That’s a good idea. Let’s do that. But once again, I just want to thank you so much for talking with me. So Titans, ears Israel max is doing once a week.

They don’t air them all at once. Like, some streaming shows do like, I think Amazon does all at once. This is weekly. So for our listeners, where can they find tenants on HBO, max? And it’s I think it’s is it one day, Monday? The exact first day, Thursday, Thursday, sorry, Thursday. But so it’s Thursday, HBO, max guys, listen to it.

Jason Todd is awesome. Hopefully there’s more of him and also season four with Jason, Todd, [00:27:00] just throwing that out there. I

Curran Walters: don’t much for having me, I’m looking forward to meeting you hopefully. So thank you. Yes,

Jeff Haas: totally have your Ms. I think it was quarto. However, if you go, please let me know. I haven’t sent an email my way.

Definitely going to make a time for that ticket. All. Thank you so much, sir. Thank you so much. Thank you. Bye.


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