Cult of Dracula

Rich Davis joined the Nerds to talk about his ongoing comic book series, “Cult of Dracula”. Rich is the writer and Creator of “Cult of Dracula”. It is being released by Second Sight Publishing & Source Point Press on March 31, 2021, on a monthly basis.

 “Meet Special Agent Malcolm Bram, an FBI agent tasked to investigate a tragedy that’s being called, “The Cult of Dracula Mass Suicides”. According to the media, members of a reclusive religious movement committed ritual suicide in a macabre event reminiscent of Jonestown. The truth is much darker and far more bloody.”

The best place to get your copy is at your local comic book shop. Or you can head over to Source Point Press & Nirvana Comics and order your copy today. Get your Kindle version by clicking here.

Late last year, reported that Sure Pictures was adapting the comic book series into a motion picture. Keep up to date with all the news by heading over to or following them on Facebook or Twitter.

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