CrimeCruise 2020! – This looks…..interesting!

So there’s this thing I like that I think other people like. It’s called conventions. Theres this other thing I like that I think other people also like, and it’s called crime…….stories. Crime stories. Not actual crime, I’m not a criminal. Or at least not one with a record. I’m a BIG fan of shows like Bones and CSI or really anything where I can be a part of solving a mystery. There happens to be a thing that combines these two this, CrimeCon! And now, just like Speed 2, they put that shit on a boat.

I’ll be honest, the odds of me being able to go to this, unless OxyGen or CrimeCruise/CrimeCon would like to sponsor a Spoiler Country trip to this cruise to do some amazing coverage of the event for promotional purposes, are very slim. However I would LOVE to do a cruise like this, or a cruise in general.

Below I am including all the info that I was sent about this for you to take it in and click the link and register if you would like. It looks like it will be a lot of fun. If you go, take pictures for me and tell every person you meet working there that they should have brought Spoiler Country along to talk about this event because we are the best.

CrimeCruise on sale NOW! What could possibly be better than warm sun, clear skies, blue ocean, and an endless supply of those drinks with the little umbrellas in them?

Two things:Learning more about your biggest cold case obsessions from world-renowned expertsReserving your space before we run out of roomCrimeCruise welcomes true crime fans aboard the massive and newly amped-up Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas to take on record breaking thrills like the longest waterslide at sea, tide-turning new rides, next level lounging, and ALL the cold case content you can handle!

Click below to learn more about CrimeCruise and secure your spot! We have a number of payment options available but hurry – we have an extremely limited number of rooms available on the ship and once they’re gone, they’re gone!


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