Creepshow (1982-Lost Episode)

Today we are re-releasing our review of Creepshow. This was our first episode ever! Nick and I decided this was a great way to start our podcast off with. This episode was lost when we transferred our show over , but I was able to get it back up and I present it to you here. 

Creepshow was released in 1982 and was directed by George A. Romero and written by Stephen King. The film consists of five short stories: 

  • Father’s Day” Based on an original story written for the movie by Stephen King. While waiting for Aunt Bedelia at a dinner party, the greedy family recalls that she killed her own father seven years ago. Now her un-dead father returns from the grave as a zombie expecting to eat his cake. 
  • The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill” Based on Stephen King’s short story “Weeds”. Stephen King plays the titular Jordy Verrill. 
  • Something to Tide You Over” Stars Leslie Nelson & Ted Danson in a story about a vengeful, murderous psychopath. 
  • The Crate” Based on the short story of the same name. A Janitor finds an old wooden crate that contains a small and powerful beast. 
  • They’re Creeping Up on You!” A cruel, ruthless businessman whose mysophobia has him living in a hermetically sealed apartment, but finds himself helpless when his apartment becomes overrun by endless hordes of cockroaches.

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