COMING SOON! TuPac, Dre, Optimus Prime and Rainbow Dash Ultimate Team up movie! (or Hasbro buys Death Row Records)

Man do we live in some interesting times. Dr. Frank-n-Furter is a Disney Princess, Disney owns 7 of the top 10 grossing movies of all time, Disney owns around 33% of all entertainment, Disney is taking over the world. This article isn’t about Disney though, but I feel like I should write one soon as I apparently have some pent up frustrations I need to get out.

NO! This is about Hasbro, the company that owns Transformers, My Little Pony, Mr. Potato-Head, and more childrens toys…wait, they own Fortnite? And Overwatch? And Ghostbusters? Ohhhh wait, that’s just the toy lines, got it. But yeah, they own a lot of stuff. And they just bought Entertainment One.

Wait, who is that?

Well the own a lot of stuff too, mostly, and wait for it this is shocking, entertainment stuff. I know, unheard of. They have been around since 1973 and have helped release a lot of TV and movies over the years. I’m not going to go into all of it, google it of click the link above, here I’ll link it again for you. I will just say they own Peppa Pig, PJ Masks, and The Wiggles.

They also own Death Row Records.

Let that sink in. Hasbro now owns the catalog of records from Death Row Records.

This means that a Dr. Dre/My Little Pony cross over is very much in the realms of possibility.

I don’t really have a point to any of this, just that I think it’s really strange that a toy company buys up the rights to an entertainment house, presumably to get the full rights to things like Peppa Pig and PJ Masks, and in turn is not the own of one of the most influential gangster rap record labels the have ever been.

It makes sens, financially, now Hasbro owns a ton more IP’s they can make toys out of, license TV Shows and Movies, release new pressings of albums with new art or whatever to make a buck. OH! It also means they could make a Death Row Records cartoon for kids! Learn to count with 2Pac! Musical Understanding with Dre! How to beat a snitch with Suge! The things we are in store for!

Really it just means they will now get the money for these things, and Hasbro will release new toys, but still. One can dream.

I’m sure this is exactly what Dre, Suge, and DOC had in mind when they started this label, so someday have their catalog owned by a toy company.

If you want to read some REAL articles to give you better understanding of whats going on rather than…whatever this is. Here’s a few I read:

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