CJ ‘Lana’ Perry talks her career, wrestling, movies and more!

We are so grateful today to have CJ ‘Lana’ Perry stop by the SpoilerVerse and chat with Kenric about her career and more!

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CJ Perry – Interview


[00:00:00] Kenric: All right guys. Welcome back today is super special.

She’s our first actual WWE superstar. Uh, she’s been in a ton of movies, one of which I didn’t know that that you were in there was pitch. Perfect. So we got to find out about that and pitch. Perfect. Two. Uh, right now you can see her on cosmic sin alongside Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo. CJ Perry. Thank you for so much for coming on.

CJ Perry: Thank you for having

Kenric: me. Oh man, this is, this is special. And, uh, this is awesome. Thank you so much. How is, how is life? I know being a wrestler. You guys don’t stop. So I imagine you have things going on tonight and tomorrow and just, yes.

CJ Perry: Yes. I feel, I feel like it’s always non-stop. I actually just flew in today.

From Florida, I just trained, um, TJ and Maddie at their [00:01:00] school, the dungeon. Um, so that was really cool. I trained with them yesterday. I trained them with them actually with my tag partner, Naomi on Sunday, then we had Monday night raw. Um, and like, just to give you a little bit of like a crazy schedule, I took her.

I did get there from LA and she had to get up at two in the morning cause she was flying in from Pensacola just to get the yeah, cause we just wanted to do, we wanted to, we wanted to do good in our tag match on Monday night raw and sure enough, we won, we beat the tacking champions. Nice, congrats. So it really did pay off.

I was like I told her, I was like, cause sometimes it’s just so hard to, you know, this, our schedules are already so crazy. The just take that extra step. Like we didn’t have to, you know, get up at two in the morning. Like she literally and took her 16. She had to travel for 16 hours to get there. So, yeah. Um, and then I trained [00:02:00] yesterday and then I just came in today and I’m talking to

Kenric: you.

What, what was, what was it like to go from? Because when you’re coming on, I had, I, you know, I did my, I did my research and I followed your career and I went back and I watched things and I watched some of your old interviews and I learned that you started off, you were managing at the time, your boyfriend who is now your husband.

So congratulations on that. But he, you managed him and he’s an imposing dude. That guy is not. Tiny by any stretch. And you came in as the Russian, the ravishing, Russian Lana, and you were just the manager and I’m imagining behind the scenes you, you already had in your head. I w I want to wrestle. I want to, I want to get into that ring and show people what I can do, because you’re naturally athletic.

What was the rise of getting to that point?

CJ Perry: Oh man. Um, gosh, uh, journey would be an understatement

[00:03:00] Kenric: because I felt like you’re kinda like the hardest working girl there right now, because I think you had to really kind of prove yourself more than some, not obviously not all of them or anything like that and not taken away, but your role was so different.

And then to, so I want to do this, you know, you had to prove more.

CJ Perry: Thank you. I appreciate it. I never want to take, say, like, I never want to take away other people’s hard work. And so I appreciate your words. Um, I think, you know, the be in the entertainment business in general and, and wrestling as well. It, it, everyone has to work hard to stay at this level and just to get here, you know, so, but I do feel like, you know, it’s being like a professional basketball player, you know, everyone, everyone.

Is working hard if you’ve made it that far, but you know what made Michael Jordan and LeBron James, who they are, you know, Kobe is because they did go all the extra miles, you know, they work, [00:04:00] come the earliest and lead the latest. Yeah. You know, I always try to L I’m always leaving. I’m I’m literally closing out the building and I think, you know, my so unconventional, but.

When I sit and I think about it, I’m like that’s too. CJ is like, there’s nothing about my life that has been conventional. Like I have Christian and Jewish parents that we celebrate Christian and Jewish. So you get

Kenric: all the holidays.

CJ Perry: Nothing traditional and my family. So, um, I mean I grew up yeah. And Russia, and I was the only foreigner like that just tells you where it starts.

It’s a different journey. So like being an American, um, training at 10 years old, 40 hours a week to try to become a professional ballerina and being told I was dumb, stupid. That’s not. But everyone that was the climate and the culture of how they train. [00:05:00] And, um, I think that it really instilled like toughness in me and I’m really thrilled.

Like not, you know, not allowing people to define who you are and, and if I would have allowed, like, you know, the definition of whatever they were defining us, I want to have. Gotten where I’ve got it. And I think those type of principles really has helped me persevere regardless of the situation. And I think though for me, the hardest part was.

Not the perseverance part, not the, you know, like Vince McMahon telling me it’s safe to say I’m not athletic. Right. You know, to my face. Like that is like, I think it’s because I grew up in Russia and they would just say those things. So like abruptly to your face that you’re just like, I’m like, okay, Oh, yeah.

You know, I think the hardest part for me was people judging me for so long that it was handed to me [00:06:00] and stereotyping me, like, assuming I’m a certain type of person. And I had a certain type of experience because I have blonde hair, you know, where bikini is on Instagram. Like they think everything was handed to me because I don’t know how, like I’m.

A stereotype of a cheerleader and it’s like, well, actually growing up in high school, I didn’t identify to that at all. Like I was, you know, and it’s, um,

Kenric: you love comic books and stuff. You’re kind of a geek at heart, so

CJ Perry: totally. Like I put post this, this one picture on this was a couple of years ago and it was a star Wars picture.

And I was like hashtag, um, nerd life. And I got like,

yeah, Bri, you’re only trying to like star Wars of

Kenric: whatever gatekeepers man

CJ Perry: and started tracking since I’ve been five years old. So nice try. Um, So it’s just like, I guess don’t judge a book by its cover. And in general, you can’t, we [00:07:00] can’t judge someone’s experiences and journey just because we think, you know, you know, we just are assuming we were all right.

So that was like, I think now because of total divas and because of, um, you know, talking on podcasts about my experiences and even the story line that I’ve been fortunate to do on Monday night, raw this past year has really. Lifted my, um, my life journey and it’s cool. I’ve been able to say it, show it on raw and total divas.

And I think people really start to see like, Oh yeah, this girl just didn’t get this job because, um, she has blonde hair and a pretty face or something like that.

Kenric: Do you have, like, it’s not like you have. Relatives that were in wrestling before you, right? Yeah.

CJ Perry: I’m not like Charlotte player. Yeah.

Kenric: You gotta, you gotta really work on it.

And it’s like, some of those girls, you watch them and they do amazing things in those, the ring, but you know, [00:08:00] they, they’re, they’re your journey to get there is irrelevant because it’s personal to you, you know? And I think it’s amazing what you’re doing. I mean, I kind of ask you, what was it like when you’re managing, um, when you were managing your, your husband.

And you walked out on that ramp and the crowd was cheering for you and chanting your name. What did you feel?

CJ Perry: Oh my gosh, that was insane. Um, I’ll never forget that because especially it was, um, it was a year after being like one of the most booed bad guys. So hated. Um, I remember like dedicating, um, Russos matches to Vladimir Putin and, you know, I was just so patriotic.

Russia’s the greatest nation girl. It’s just a bunch of late wearing these

Kenric: amazing suits and everything.

CJ Perry: Yes. You know, [00:09:00] wearing suits. My hair was at a bun, always red lipstick and. I got took a lot of inspiration of that character from, um, Rocky four. We both did. Um, so it was such an amazing experience. I’m so glad I had debuted as a bad guy because you’re, you’re able to like just, um, be able to freely move and, you know, freely understand, okay.

If they mess, if I mess up, they’re going to move me, you know, like all BU is good, boom, kind of, and that’s to an extent, right. Um, Yes exactly. Oh my God. That’s the most important always. And so when they started the cheer me, literally out of nowhere, I literally, they started it. We want lot of champs. Thing was because I was all I wasn’t at one Monday night, Raul is shooting a movie and, um, they, they had the Rousseau bring in a, uh, an attorney that be his like slash manager.

And he had a really bad app. [00:10:00] And for the whole crowd started chanting. We want Lana. And that was like the beginning of this huge storyline where, you know, if, and I were feuding, he was my crazy ex boyfriend jealous. And, you know, but it was great. The crowd was so into it. Um, they, everyone loved it. Like I was my, I had an onscreen boyfriend, all Ziglar and, um, my real life husband had a girlfriend on screen girl.

Oh my God. It was so much fun. It’s just like, I know it sounds weird, but it’s it’s I feel like. When you trust someone so much, you have great chemistry sometimes going against each other, like me is my tag partner. And she’s like one of my closest friends in the locker room. And since the very beginning, and we’ve been on total divas together, we’re both former, former dancers.

And so we have all these, but we’re the same age we have, [00:11:00] like all these bonds that are like instant. Like we would be friends if we never did that here, you know? Um, but she, we had an amazing connection, um, wrestling each other, like some of my favorite, um, matches on live events and was with Naomi because we, um, we just trusted each other so much.

And I think, yeah, I think the thing with Miro with his, um, When did Joseph was in WWE and we did these, if it was either the Bobby story at the Ziglar in summer Ray’s story, I think it’s, um, you know, I, he could call me anything when he was a bad guy. I wouldn’t be offended. Right. You know? Right. Yeah, another girl would have been, but I’m like, cool.

Call me whatever you called me. A stupid woman. Cow. You stupid woman.

It was

Kenric: amazing. A lot of fun. I [00:12:00] wasn’t looking you up. Aye girl. You’ve been in, you’ve been in a ton of movies. Oh my

CJ Perry: gosh.

Kenric: How awesome is that?

CJ Perry: Oh, thank you. I mean, it’s just been crazy. It’s crazy. It’s crazy pitch. Perfect pitch. Perfect. Was it a crazy experience? Perfect was, um, I guess to a certain extent, that was like my first.

Like bigger break, I guess. Um, and maybe it wasn’t like a lot, a lot of screen time, but I was able to, um, you know, work with incredible, um, huge stars. Um, you know, Anna Kendrick was already a huge star, but. You know, we’re talking about the future huge stars from, um, out of the vine, the rebel Wilson to Del Rio.

I mean, he has two shows on television now. I mean, it’s insane. So Uber cars [00:13:00] like people in big movies and huge television shows and, um, so it was really cool to be able to work with such talented people that were going to be the future of Hollywood. Um, And still have relationships and friendships with these people, um, is, was really an incredible experience.

Um, and also just being a part of, you know, creating the choreography and dance and teaching them, um, cause I was able to be with the girls and the guys. During a month rehearsal. I was actually one of the boys parts for a month. So they were all trying to campaign the actual,

Kenric: like, come on,

CJ Perry: I’m going to be in it.

Wouldn’t be now. Now that movie, um, the first one would be made. I wouldn’t have even surprised that they would have done genders a lot

Kenric: more fun Pittsburgh for two.

CJ Perry: Um, well, I spent a lot more time in pitch. Perfect. One. Um, perfect. Two. I was already in [00:14:00] WWE, so I only came in. Um, and literally I shot really quickly.

We shot it in one week, I believe. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So it was, it was great. It was just the other time I was down there for three months shooting in the first one. So it was a lot more engagement. Yeah. Yeah.

Kenric: That was what was Elizabeth Banks like to work with?

CJ Perry: Um, she was great. She was great. Um, she was always really nice to me.

I feel like people either get along really well with her, or maybe don’t exactly get along with her, but you know, a lot of strong opinionated women, that’s just what’s right,

Kenric: right. And then 2016, you did interrogation. I think that was like your first, like. You are a movie, right? Like you’re you were one of the actual stars.

I think it’s the best way to,

CJ Perry: uh, I think, yeah, cause I done another movie, um, Seoul, which hadn’t come out yet, but I had shot it and that was an independent film. And then, but, [00:15:00] um, interrogation was probably the first one that came out.

Kenric: Yes. WWE with your schedule when you, when you’re shooting movies. Cause you, could you go in under CJ, not Atlanta, right?

CJ Perry: Um, it just depends. I think for interrogation, that was a WWE film. So it was CJ, Ilana Perry, but usually CJ or by CJ. Um, but, um, yeah, actually interrogation was, I was shooting that when the, we want Walnut yet started that story. I was the heli early. I was actually shooting that with edge Adam. Uh, so it was really cool that, um, I was gone for a month for that movie.

I was gone, but we were shooting insane long days and, um, real quick turnaround, but I shot that for a month and then went right to WrestleMania.

Kenric: How much, how much training did you do for that one?

CJ Perry: Um, I prepared a lot for it, um, with, um, cause I go to Leslie Kahn and I work a lot of coaches over there with Leslie as [00:16:00] well.

Um, and that when I was able to have, I would say, I probably had at least a month, maybe a little bit longer, um, I’ve been able to prep. So that was really great. Um, when I did cosmic sin, I had about like five. Oh, um, you know, that’s why you just have to keep on training. I’m an acting class actually. I’m still at Leslie’s.

I go tomorrow night, I’m on zoom. And, you know, we rehearse constantly because it’s just like, I strongly believe luck is opportunity meeting preparation. And like, if you don’t prepare as much as possible, you know, when you get that opportunity, you just might not get it. Right. Right,

Kenric: right. You might fall flat on your face.

CJ Perry: Yeah. And you know, you might still book that job and win an Oscar falling flat on your face, or you might not forget

Kenric: six and just came out and it’s got Frank Grillo and Bruce [00:17:00] Willis. How fun was it shooting that I know you guys, his timeline got severely cut because of COVID.

CJ Perry: Yeah, that was crazy. Um, it was insane. It was probably one of the most, it was actually not probably, it was definitely the craziest, um, movie experience that I have and set, um, that I’ve encountered.

But, um, I’m always up for the experience and stories for the books, for sure. Um, gives us something to talk about. It was, it was a lot of fun. It was, it was, it was definitely high stress. Um, Because we had to shoot it like in two weeks. Um, Yes because of COVID and, um, we were able to do it and that was great, but it was very, very high stress.

And it was like, you know, one take, you know, things were getting rewritten, obviously the normal, you know, but like, yeah. The rewrites and just super high pressure, but [00:18:00] that’s what WWE trains us to be light, you know? And I feel like my job and WWE prepares me for those circumstances. It prepares you, you know, it’s live television.

It is scripted, live television and. We get those promos. I’ve got an up promo a 10 minute promo, 15 minutes before I walk out on live television, SEG one, you know, on the USA network.

Kenric: I feel like you got it. And you’re like, yup. I think got it

CJ Perry: out yourself. You better find that confidence real quick.

Kenric: I saw a segment where somebody cut together.

You going through like a bunch of tables. And it was the same girl. Um, Yeah. And I, and Jack sending you through a table like every week, did you see that coming you on there? And you’re like, then they’re like, okay. And then she’s gonna put you through a table. What, and then she going to put you at the table again and then she can put a table.


[00:19:00] CJ Perry: Yeah, I’ve pretty much every time she picked me up and I was fighting for my life out of her. If I wouldn’t drop, I thought that every single time and I still got back up somehow and showed up. Possibly be put through it again.


Kenric: what, when you prepare for that, I like, I have a buddy that was a wrestler for a long time back in the nineties. He was part of he, he he’d go, he would go with the, I think it was WCW. When they come into town, he would have them do dark matches here and I’m in Seattle, Washington. And he would do things like that.

And he, and he wrestled for a really long, long time and he, and he showed me some things. He like, I do this, just taking a bump man, that, that ring is not forgiving. You know, it’s not like you’re bumping on a mattress.

CJ Perry: Oh, for sure. For sure. I

Kenric: go into [00:20:00] those tables. I’m just like, you know, some point because one thing going wrong and you’re really hurt.

So how do you, how do you prepare for that and do it that many times?

CJ Perry: Um, well, I definitely try to not think about everything that could go wrong because then that’s it, you know, I have to, like, I have to prepare myself so much mentally. I mean, that’s like, I would say 50% of it is preparing myself mentally of fighting these women that are way bigger than me.

And, um, like she is my dragon, not even my dragon. Yeah. He’s my son, like the Samoan dragon, like 300 pounds, three kin, so strong and like 700 pounds.

So clearly to that clinic, um, you know, it runs in their blood Samoans. [00:21:00] Um, and then for a partner is Shana, who is, you know, an incredibly skilled martial artists that. Came from MMA UFC. And so these are the people that I’m fighting, you know, misfortune, ballerina, professional decorator. So it’s a lot of mental preparation.

I know that most likely I’m going to get snapped in half when I go out there and fight them. And, um, but I still chose to go out there because I wasn’t, you know, they were bullying me constantly. They, I felt. That whole entire story actually represented, um, kind of how a lot of people saw me, you know, Maybe my bosses, if it was maybe the fans, if it was maybe the locker room, um, and it was like, no, you have no idea who I am.

By the way, I survived to Russia professional dancing. When I was 10 years old, nine years old, 14 years old, there’s [00:22:00] nothing

Kenric: in Russia prides itself as being the best in the world. So they don’t take it lightly. No,

CJ Perry: no, not at all. Pedals. Like I would have shoes thrown at me back, thrown at me, jump over chairs.

They would literally break us through chairs. It would be like, you’re not flexible enough. You stupid fat cow. Wow. And then I’m not even kidding. That’s not even an over-exaggeration. And um, then they would take two chairs and they would split and they would push us down to touch the ground. So we would be broken.


Kenric: That’s crazy.

CJ Perry: So, yeah, it’s insane. And you know, at 10, 11, 13, like being told all these things being told, like it’s better to not like we’d rather have you not eat anything and be skinny and anorexic and sick and rosy and fat girls are now, if that was normal. Yeah. That was like a normal Saturday morning at 9:00 AM

Kenric: God, I can’t even

CJ Perry: imagine.

No. So it’s just like that. So prepared, like. I [00:23:00] don’t think anyone can bully me out of anything. Right. Like you’re going to literally have to like kill me, which you’re not. So

Kenric: I love the spirit. I love the spirit. I really do.

CJ Perry: So I just feel like I represented my entire life story. You know, so many people naysayers and doubters have told me I can’t do something I’m not as talented.

Um, I’ve been disabled, you know, I have struggled with dyslexia and a lot of learning disabilities. And so my whole life, I felt like everyone has been smarter than me. Right, right. That’s like a, no, not until like college that I find out. Um, I was diagnosed officially with learning disabilities because in Russia, They don’t, there’s no such thing.

You’re either smart or you’re stupid. Right. There’s two things. And, um, so in college, like I could pump, failing my math class and no matter how many times I went to the tutor and no matter how many times I tried to like, [00:24:00] you know, work hard. And so they’re like, let’s just see if everything’s okay. And you know, like, do you have any learning disabilities?

And then I had all these learning disabilities, like. Math, like all of them. And it made sense. Cause I, I have a hard time reading and I couldn’t read until I was almost 10 years old. So yeah.

Kenric: Um, you want to break down when you hear all that? When you’re like, no, like, Oh you have this, you have this. And you’re like, well, no fucking wonder.

Cause it’s obviously you’re not dumb. You’re not stupid. I mean, you speak two languages. I don’t know if you speak more than two, but. And you’d be in success your whole life. You can’t be done.

CJ Perry: I just think, you know, what I really was when I heard this, it was like so refreshing for me because I realized, I realized, wow, like I’ve always felt like I was dumb, but I’m not done.

I just like, I have, you know, the, in America they call it learning disabilities, but I feel like it’s just like, no, I just learn differently. Yeah. And I’m actually. [00:25:00] Yeah. Um, Leslie Collins, um, acting school. She really helped me discover how much I learn. Um, audio li if I hear it, I, and how, like, I just learned differently, but I can learn really quick, as long as I learn it in that like style.

And I think just in general, like the school system sometimes makes you feel like, Oh, you can’t. Read as fast as everyone or solve a math problem as fast as everyone. You’re not smart, but like, no, you might be brilliant, but just use a different part of your brain. Yeah.

Kenric: Yeah. That’s it? No, it’s awesome though, because it just shows some of the perseverance that you’ve gone through and it’s great because here you are.

Multiple movies under your belt wrestling every night. I mean, cause I know WWE, you guys have a  schedule. Um, I dunno if it’s, if it’s gotten a little bit lashed with COVID and being able to be in the same place, that must be kind of refreshing [00:26:00] after having to be on tour. Basically what 260 days out of the year.

CJ Perry: Yeah. I mean, I think for a lot of people it’s changed a lot. I mean, it was a little bit less. It is a little bit less for me. I used to work, I think in 2016, I counted that I only had 20. Yeah. Two days


Kenric: a year, played hard.

CJ Perry: I was, you know, when I was doing total divas, it was nonstop because we, we work in WWE.

If you’re working in, on all of the live events, you work about three today’s a year and yeah, there’s a total diva. We would film on our two off days. So it would just be like nonstop and I was going to, yeah. E development program, trying to learn how the wrestle on my off days. So, um, I, last year I worked about 250 days during the pandemic.

I worked about 280 days. So that’s still, yeah, it’s definitely less than like 320, but, um, [00:27:00] but um, for me, you know, a lot of people in WWE live in Florida and yeah. So they were, we were in Orlando for the most of that part of the, uh, for the first six months of the pandemic. We were at the performance center, which is the that’s actually the first day I started at NXT was, um, annex T’s first day was my first day.

And it was all in that. Yes, with Becky, it was Becky Lynch, Bron, um, I don’t know if lot, I think Alexa bliss started like the month before, but me Braun and, um, Becky all started the same day. I believe it was like 13. Yeah. At the performance center where that’s NXT, where we filmed raw and SmackDown and WrestleMania.

Kenric: Oh, that,

CJ Perry: that was very strange. That was a little weird, but we persevered. Yeah. We. The show went on. We tried to put smiles on people’s faces regardless of a global [00:28:00] pandemic. Um, and then we moved to the thunderstorm in Orlando and then Tampa and we’re in Tampa still. So for a lot of the WWE talent who live in Florida, it’s a lot easier, but for me, I was still traveling for California every week and also go to Natalie’s.

Um, and CJ’s training, um, at their school and, um, at least twice a week. So I usually. Yeah, I’m very thankful. I’m very thankful, but it’s about three to four days a week. I’m on the road and away from my family.

Kenric: I know that you probably miss Miro since he’s gone on to do other things right now. Well, let’s put it that way.

Um, but him being gone, has it opened more things up for you to be a little bit more involved in your, in your, uh, for lack of a better term character?

CJ Perry: Um, that’s such an interesting question. I mean, of course I miss him dearly, you know, and I was so blessed that I have my husband with me. Um, and my [00:29:00] best friend.

Kenric: Yeah. You’ll be successful with your best friend. How can you not like that?

CJ Perry: Yeah. I mean, God, I was, I lived like this crazy dream. You think about it. It’s insane. Um, so I definitely miss him, um, because I think. You have incredible highs there. It’s like, Nope, no drug compares to the adrenaline rush when you’re like in a good story and getting the spotlight and headlining and the crowd is either really booing you or cheering.


Yeah. Oh my God. They’re incredible. So it makes the lows so low, you know? So when you’re like either not liking what you’re doing or you feel like you’re, you want more, you know, and it’s always trying to find it. And this is not just wrestling. This is not just WWE. This is just entertainment. This is Hollywood.

It’s all about healthcare, you know? How big of, I mean, maybe Leanna Aberdeen doesn’t have these issues, but I think a lot of working [00:30:00] actors go through this professional dancers, professional wrestlers, it’s the P the highs and the lows. And how do we learn how the manage those moments where. The tide is being pulled back, you know, and still find happiness and the silver lining.

Um, and so I think the silver lining for me is definitely I’ve been able to be in these, um, wrestling, storylines, more saline, which is really cool because, um, most of my really big stories have been, um, even though it might’ve been sometimes about my character, it was, um, You know, it was always like the soap hopper app, which is awesome.

You know, I mean the first year with, uh, with Rousseff was definitely. The Rocky four. So it was still very like sport. You know, we got the feet with John Siena and, you know, all the top, uh, WW superstars, men on the rock. I mean, it was amazing. Um, but I think like the other really also stories that we’ve done besides it was of, [00:31:00] they was, you know, the dolls Ziglar in summer, and same with Bobby Lashley and those were all the eight and one with the one night in Milwaukee, all of those were.

So Papa and the one within, so were like, Oh my gosh, we led him to his bedroom, like to the hotel room where my husband, you know, I was, I was conniving and bringing him in there because he called me all these like slutty words. So I was, we were actually really, and for real and real life, man, so we were like, we’re going to storyline this.

Yeah. And we learned him in and then my husband beat him up because he was a punk ass bitch. So, you know, like all of those were, people love those stories. It’s nothing like, like relationship stories. It doesn’t matter if it’s wrestling or drama or comedy people identify. Um, and so that was really awesome.

And I love those stories and I love to do more of those stories again, am I. Career, but it’s, it’s really cool. I feel like I’ve been able to be [00:32:00] put in the have wrestling stories and to go after the, um, women’s championship and the tag team championships. And I just it’s a dream come true because I didn’t know.

I would maybe ever get that opportunity. So it’s very special,

Kenric: CJ. We’ve already been on for over a half hour. Can you believe it?

CJ Perry: Oh my God. I can talk. I’m like, do you want to talk more?

Kenric: I’d love to get you back on because, um, and maybe we can do video next time because I just feel like you have so much, there’s so much more there and.

Yeah, and you’re awesome. I could listen to you all day long, so that would be

CJ Perry: awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m sorry, you don’t want to talk more. Did you want to talk? I’m sorry. I turned into a

Kenric: log. No, no, no, no, no. I, I, um, I would love to be able to talk more. I just got to get my kid to swimming soon.

So I had a, I had a set time and, and they told me, and I was told 30 [00:33:00] to 45 minutes. So I’m like, okay, I can do that. You know? Cause, uh, yeah, but I’m not kidding. I would love to have you back on. I would, I, I would be over the moon if we can get, we could schedule it right now. If you’re open to it,

CJ Perry: we have to pull out my calendar, but we can definitely schedule something.

Kenric: W just tell me, uh, uh, tell me a day. The only days out of their hardest for me are, um, Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I can make anything work just about anything.

CJ Perry: Um, I’ll have to pull up my, um, what were the days again?

Kenric: Wednesday Friday, Saturday, Sunday are the best days for me, but I can make just about anything work for you. If you tell me if you give me a day at a time, we’ll make it work.


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