The Dolls & Black of Heart #1

Chris Charlton joins us to talk about 2 of his comics, “The Dolls” & “Black of Heart” #1. Both of these are currently on pre-order over at

First, we talk about “The Dolls”, which will be released as part of the “Horror Double Feature 2”. Set in the 1960s, tells the story of a widowed mother of two, as she loses everything and spirals into the depths of insanity. Pre-order your copy of “Horror Double Feature 2” by clicking the following link:

We also talk about Issue #1 of “Black of Heart”. A New York detective searches for an untraceable serial killer in 1949. The killer stalks the streets in a yellow taxi, dumping ravaged bodies in the back alleys of New York City. You can pre-order this issue by clicking the following link:

You can keep up with Chris Charlton over at his website:

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