Charlie Schumaker – Unsung hero of The Mask

You’ve probably guessed by now that I love The Mask, I mean just read my review (more of a love letter) and try and argue that fact. One my umpteenth re-watch of this movie recently (my kids discovered its glory) I’ve noticed that the character of Charlie, played excellently by Richard Jeni, is an unsung hero of this movie. Let’s break it down.

Look at that face. Face of an angel.

Throughout the entire movie Charlie is there for his buddy Stanley. From the bank scenes with Tina, to the club where he gets them in. Granted, Stanley does not get in the first time as Charlie goes in and the bouncer stops him, but he tried at least.

Really there is only one scene I wanted to talk about that truly makes Charlie the unsung hero of this movie. Sure, The Mask saves the day form Dorian Tyrell (did you know he was played by two people?). But if you watch that final scene Stanley gives Charlie a gun to get the people out of the club so no one gets hurt. While all the crazy antics are going on between The Mask (Ipkiss), The Mask (Milo), and The Mask (Tyrell) – Charlie is there in the background risking his life with a little pistol against gangsters with automatic weapons sneaking people out of the building.

He was quite successful as well. The movie gives no indication that anyone that was escaping with him out the back for injured. He was also able to get the police in to arrest all the bad guys. Pretty fantastic if you ask me.

Now am I saying I want a Charlie Schumaker spin off movie showing his rise to awesomeness? No, not at all (though I would probably watch that). What I’m saying is this movie would have had a very different third act without him, leaving The Mask to handle all of the bad guys and the innocent people by himself.

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