Cesar Romero – The Mustachio Joker

We are on day 3 of our Joker discussion and we hope you have enjoyed the first two days where we looked at Joaquin Phoenix and Zach Galifianakis. As we continue forward we will now look at the campy and unforgettable Cesar Romero.

We continue with the help of our friends within and outside the Spoiler-verse we will figure out who the quintessential Joker is. Leading up to our Rankings of the Clown Prince of Gotham.

Jay Roach

Obviously the first choice.  Tall and angular, he played it with a wink and a nod.  He was insanely happy, but when he dropped his voice, you knew there was violence and mayhem lurking inside.  Best laugh. (read more from Jay here)

John Horsley

It’s legit hard for me to put him down this far. His portrayal is iconic, it is the staple for what Joker was in the 60’s. And the not shaving the mustache is the stuff of legends. (Read more from John here)

Kenric Regan

Never related to Cesar’s portrayal of Joker mainly because I never liked the Batman Tv show, maybe I’m in the minority, IDK. (Read more from Kenric here)

Kaylie Horsley

Meh, those are ‘okay’ shows for the time. (Check out Kaylie on Spoiler Country)

JT aka PNWJrock

When you got an actor like Cesar that Refused to shave his mustache for the role he was actually not that bad of a Joker, but when they put on the face paint for him they actually just painted over his mustache to match the white face paint so you could barely notice it. (watch JT steam here)

Jon Anderson

Because.. Classic. There is always something noteworthy about a pioneer. (see Jon’s artwork here)

Robert Slavinsky

I remember as a child sitting on my dad’s lap eating cookies and watching reruns of the old 1966 Batman show. Cesar Romero was the first Joker I ever witnessed and was a perfect and eccentric character for the time.(read more from Robert here)

Sara Kay

Decent, but too cartoon hack Mobster for my tastes. (read Sara’s other reviews here)

Casey T. Allen

Classic. Cool. Refined. The man liked a good gag and was the Platonic Ideal for what the Joker can be. (see all Casey’s posts here)

Joshua Queen

Who? (see his car videos here)

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