Cards Against Humanity at San Diego Comic Con

Kaylie and John went to San Diego Comic Con! While crashing at our friend Pat’s house we decided to play and record a game of Cards Against Humanity. I think the humor in this game is not from the cards, but from the reactions and what comes after. Kenric, John’s co-host from Spoiler Country (, is here as well. Sit back, and enjoy! On the show tonight: John Kaylie Kenric Pat Ashlie Beca Find us on Social: The Show John Kaylie Kenric Upcoming shows we will be at! Sept 1-3 – San Fransisco Comic Con Sept 8-10 – Rose City Comic Con Sept 15-16 – RenCon Nov 4-5 – Jet City Comic Show March 1-4 – Emerald City Comic Con Find us at all these places! Support the Show! Support us on Patreon: Support us with our Amazon Affiliate link!

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