It appears Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios is looking to capitalize on the buddy cop angle of story telling with Captain Marvel 2. While there is not much information regarding what the story will entail. The addition of Teyonah Parris (Monica Rambeau) seems to lead us to believe that Carol Danvers will be taking on more of a mentor role in her next film in large part due to the events in WandaVision.


With all that is going on in WandaVision it should come as no surprise that Monica Rambeau will discover some new found abilities of her own very soon. Because of this she will seek out the help of the only person she believes can assist her in understanding what is happening. According to sources, Monica Rambeau will have a significant role as Spectrum in the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel. It seems that the Cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR) that she encountered on WandaVision may have triggered or unlocked some abilities within her and Carol Danvers will be tasked in helping her grasp these newly obtained powers.

It is definitely interesting to see that Spectrum will be one of focal points of the MCU moving forward. With so many new heroes being introduced it seems Kevin Feige is blowing the Marvel Cinematic Universe wide open to explore more areas of Marvel lore than ever before.

As always what is discussed in the Rumorverse is simply rumor until it is official.

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