Buño Books Invites Readers to Enchanting Visual Silence

Rob Cham’s National Book Award-winning Series Returns with an All-new Adventure

This month, we learn to enjoy the silence. Buño Books is proud to announce the release of Lost by Rob Cham, the gorgeously illustrated second book in the silent graphic novel series and follow-up to the National Children’s Book Award-winning title, Light.

When the two best friends, Backpacker and Tear, fall through a magical portal they find themselves LOST and far from home in a strange dimension. Once again they find themselves on a dramatic adventure through a land of strange creatures and magical wonders. Eventually Backpacker and Tear must split apart so when they reunite they are able to find their way home together.

“The first time I read Light and Lost, I knew right away that they were books I wanted to bring to the States,” said Buño Books Publisher, Storme Smith. “Not only are they beautiful stories with full-page panels that start out as black and white, then transition into bright flowing colors, but it also appeals to readers across the board, whether young or old. They are perfect for both a child reading their first graphic novel or a long-time fan of graphic novels looking for something a bit different.”

Founded in 2016, Buño Books publishes graphic novels and comic books by talented artists from around the world. We look for fresh and unexpected work, and believe in a diverse and dynamic community of creators, making work that connects cultures, experiences, and people.

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