Check this out everyone, you know how much we love Trekker and it’s creator Ron Randall around here. I mean, he’s been on the show FIVE times, with plans to be on more soon!

Whats that? you want a list of the shows he’s been on before we move on? You got it!

Ok, now let’s get the meat of the post here. We talked about this on the last conversation with him, but now it’s a thing and I can’t WAIT to back this on DAY ONE, and you should too. Let’s take the information from Ron himself!

Look at that beautiful book!


On January 21, we will launch the biggest, most ambitious Trekker campaign yet. I’m preparing the first-ever, deluxe hardcover Trekker collection. The mission here is to bring back to print, and in a classy, top-quality format, all of Mercy’s earlier, currently out-of-print stories. Everything from her very first appearance up to and including the final book I put out with Dark Horse comics, TREKKER: RITES OF PASSAGE, back in 2013, before I turned to Kickstarter to continue Mercy’s story in  the new volumes.

Over 470 pages of material
Oversized at 7.5″ X 11″
•All in full color for the first time ever!

Inside the book!

That’s right, for this special volume, I am going back to all of Mercy’s earlier stories that have so far  appeared only in glorious black and white and adding my own colors to them. I’m having a terrific amount of fun revisiting these stories and added the extra dimensions of mood, atmosphere, and vitality that color can bring. With your support, we’ll be making the biggest, finest, most definitive TREKKER collection ever!

 “VOLUME I…?” 

Of course! If this campaign succeeds, and the Trekker train continues to roll on mightily, we will keep producing new tales, first as softcover volumes like BATTLEFIELDS, and eventually collect them in a second hardcover, and a third…


Outline, script, and some thumbnails from the next, all-new TREKKER story

Certainly you do! ME, TOO! If I’ve I’ve done my job right, you are as eager to see what comes after Battlefields as I am. And fear not: telling the rest of Mercy and Molly’s adventures remains the single biggest passion in my professional life. That next story is scripted and I’ve already started the pencils on it. And, it’s an even bigger, more intense, and tougher tale that Battlefields. Trust me on that one. I’m planning to launch the campaign for this next brand-new volume this coming summer, in July 2020. But first, this is the right moment to rescue all of Mercy’s earlier tales from the out-of-print limbo they are currently stuck in. 


Sweet, amazing colors!

While it remains essential to me that each and every volume to the series works as a stand-alone, new-reader-friendly entry point to Mercy’s world, I also want every reader to be able to experience all of Mercy’s stories in the format that I feel serves the series the very best. Mercy’s first appearance. The first time we meet Molly, hear about Rigel, and witness Mercy’s first missions beyond the confines of New Gelaph as she begins her journey of self-discovery and re-invention. Currently, all of those tales are out of reach for new readers. This next campaign will fix all of that. Plus, even readers who already know and love these early stories will want (and need!) to have this new, ultimate, oversized, full-color volume. Especially as we get to add some cool, exclusive bells and whistles to the book. It’s a big a win for everybody!


The most exciting journeys are always also the most challenging ones. And, to bring THE COMPLETE JOURNEY Vol I to print will be the biggest Trekker Challenge yet. But I am keeping the funding goal and reward levels as realistic and accessible as possible. And I’m planning for some very cool stretch goals to make the book even more striking and awesome than it will already be. The rest is up to you, the Trekker Community, to bring it all to life.


As always with these campaigns, a big initial push, and spreading the word far and wide are essential to our success here, as well as to the ongoing and overriding goal of making MoreTrekkerMoreOften. That’s why I’m posting this very early notice about the next campaign. Again: we launch on January 21, and I hope you will all set a reminder on your calendars to check in and back the campaign on Day One! That is the single greatest action you can take to ensure our success.

So, consider this your Early Warning! I’ll be back to check in as we get closer to our launch date. Hope to see you all following along, and ready to help make this the biggest and most successful Trekker book yet!

Once again, my deepest thanks and gratitude for all you have already done. So many incredible adventures lie ahead, and we can only bring them to life with your continuing support. Onward!

Chief Trekker Archivist Ron

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