Blood & Gourd #3

Jenz Lund talked to us this week about the upcoming issue of Blood & Gourd. Published by Dead Peasant, issue #3 is wilder, gorier and scarier! Get ready for even more of the unfettered imagination and frantic madness you’ve come to love from Blood & Gourd.

“The survivors of the assault on the pumpkin festival are in the midst of retreat. Some have gathered in groups, while others make their attempts at escape solitary. Generally, the odds aren’t in the favor of those that fly solo. They aren’t much better for those in groups either.”

Promotional video for Blood and gourd indie comic. “Hail blood and gourd” is the theme song written for the comic line. Song recorded by Nuke and the Hellriders in the fall of 2016. “Hail blood and gourd” was featured on the album “Halloween party” that is now available via digital download on and has never seen a physical pressing.

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