Black Widow Movie Review!

For the first time in a while Kenric and John sit down and do a movie review! This time its of the new Black Widow movie playing now in theaters and on Disney+!

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Black Widow Full Review

[00:00:00] Kenric: Welcome back to spoil the country. Today it’s a, it’s a standard

John: show. We haven’t done this in a long time.

Kenric: Yeah, it’s a, it’s like, it’s not a tie. It’s not an interview. It’s just us reviewing or our reaction to it. The black widow, we both watched it today. June 9th came out. We both ordered off at Disney palace.

Yeah. $30 later. Yeah.

John: Which is still cheaper than one of the theater though.

Kenric: So it’s not depends on how you define that for you. Definitely, actually for both of us. Yes. Because my brother took my family to, it’s still cost and 50 bucks in tickets plus, you know, snacks and everything. If I just snuck out and went by myself, I could get away with just the price of it ticket.

You don’t buy snacks. Yeah. Yeah. Which is like still like 13 bucks nowadays.

John: 13 to $18 per ticket. Yeah. Yeah.

Kenric: It’s crazy. So nuts. So I’m going to give you my. My initial reaction and then you, and then you can, then you give me your reaction and then we’ll well, we’ll talk about it. Is that okay? That [00:01:00] sounds good to me.

Yeah. So I came away. I want to say three things. I might forget one of them, but I want to, I’m going to start off with three things first. Right? I loved how much of a superhero black widow is in this one. The scene, what she jumps off the platform jumps through the helicopter helicopter with the parish. I know it’s been done a million times.

You know what I mean? That type of scene, but they did it so well. And she looked so fucking cool doing it. Obviously

John: spoilers ahead for this movie.

Kenric: You’re listening to this part of the country. Yeah. It’s in our title. And then the other thing is it pisses me off that they didn’t give that character a proper sendoff.

Yeah. And the, and the scene after the credits just made it that much more painful, because that felt like a bullshit scene that day. Like, oh, everybody complained that they didn’t have this whole thing. So we’ll do this in. And it was. It was [00:02:00] total crap, just tacked on. It was just tacked on and I get, I get moving, what they’re doing forward with it.

I get that. Okay. And that, and that in itself was done well. And that would have been fine if they would have given her the sendoff that she deserved an end game. Yeah.

John: She ignored it and again, completely. But Tony started got this huge sendoff. Yeah,

Kenric: y’all do it. It literally brought up all those feelings again about it.

Yeah. I was so pissed. I was like, goddammit, why cut that fucking movie? Dude, they could have done a dual funeral. They could have had him bolt there. If you think about it, black would, after the snap black widow is the one that kept people together, black widows, the one that had people calling in and in coordinating what people were doing and making sure, you know what I mean, and keeping that alive, that was all her, it was just to ignore all that was like, fuck the fuck.

And then this movie just brought that all back. Right.

[00:03:00] John: Right, right. So w did you like them?

Kenric: I did like the move actually liked the movie quite a bit. I don’t know. I heard of review with it. Somebody called it the best Marvel movie period. I’m like, no, it was a very good, it was, it reminded me of the first iron man in the, in the second iron man and the first Avenger and Thor’s first movie ever remind me of that vein of

John: movie, right.

This movie should’ve come out back when those came out.

Kenric: Yeah. Or it should have came out right

John: after civil war. Oh, yeah, actually. Yeah, it is right. It should have been right after civil war. This is not a wait till after end game for, to come

Kenric: out at all. Yeah, and I think it’s, and I think it’s sad. I think it’s only because of the uproar people game that where’s our black women.

John: Well, so this movie’s been in this movie’s been in the worst. And so for like, there’s been a black woman movie in the works since oh four, it just got delayed, delayed, delayed, delayed, delayed. But I think this version of it is because people are bitching for years with it not being a black widow movie, but again, they should have come out after civil [00:04:00] war.

It should have been civil war than this.

Kenric: Yup. A hundred percent. I mean, it just. Yeah. Yeah. I mean the whole, I mean, you wouldn’t be able to do that after seeing if you put it right after. Cause that would have been before infinity

John: was stupid.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. I, I honestly think that after scene was tacked on only because people bitch that she didn’t have proper send off.

John: Oh yeah. It was, it was, it was, it was dumb. I mean, but, but that is like, yeah. It’s I don’t know. I enjoyed the movie. Yeah. I enjoyed it for the reasons you said, I am not happy with taskmaster in the movie at all. Which one was taskmaster. The girl with the mass was fighting

Kenric: or they ended up being dude’s daughter.

Yeah. That’s taskforce. They didn’t do. They

John: call her taskmaster the very beginning. They said, activate the task master protocol or something.

Black Widow review COMBINED: Oh,

Kenric: that’s that’s lame. Cause taskmaster is like, he fucking, [00:05:00] they talk they’re, they’re a fully realized character.

John: So I don’t care that they’re, that they gender Benton.

And you know, maybe that doesn’t matter here, but I just feel like it was such an, even all the fight scenes were kind of dumb. Like when they first fought on the, on the bridge, like, oh, here it comes. It’s cool. And they kind of showed them copying stuff and then it was over. Yeah. It was a total waste of a good character.

Did having the

Kenric: widows at the sides. This is sound misogynistic and sexist, but when they’re doing all the widow training and showing activating the widows of was the fem bots in Austin Powers.

John: I mean, it’s kind of the same thing. They’re mind controlled. Basically a humanoid robots. I mean, there are no, they have no no thoughts of their own.

Kenric: Yeah. But it’s just, I think it was all women just kinda, for some reason, I just totally sexist when you think about it. [00:06:00] Right. Because you don’t think that way. I don’t think

John: that way, but apparently you do. Okay. I’m just

Kenric: teasing. I did set it up that way, but whatever. But I’m just, I’m serious though. Like, I don’t, I feel like you don’t think about it when it’s all women it’s just kinda like, was like, it just felt weird, you know?

Like, and I don’t know, maybe it shouldn’t, maybe it shouldn’t be, maybe it’s coming out. My unconscious prejudice is coming out.

John: Yes. But it’s also like, that’s also like if it was a bunch of dudes, you have a million points of reference throughout cinematic history of that thing. Being a thing, when it’s all female.

Like you’re putting a reference for that happening is awesome. Power, fem bots and maybe something else. There’s not a lot

Kenric: of James Bond, you know? Yeah. There’s

John: not a lot of, there’s not a lot of, you know, female groups of bad guys that are micro

Kenric: controlled out there. Right. [00:07:00] Me too is black widow is so bad ass in Scotland.

You’re Hansen, whether you love her or don’t like her because she takes on roles. You, you think she should. Cause I, I do kind of agree with her that she’s an actor and she used to be able to take whatever roles that she wants to degree

John: actors should be able to do in your role.

Kenric: Yeah. But at the same time it kind of takes away how bad ass she is.

If there’s hundreds of other ones out there in the world. Yeah. You know what I mean? It kind of took that away, but on the other hand, I love the girl planner, sister. I’ll do funny. She was great. I hope we get more of her assuming I’m a, I’m assuming she’s going to take over the mantle of black widow.

John: Yeah, probably.

Kenric: You know, and I, and that’d be fine. I, I still think they should try to figure out a way to bring her back, even if it’s a different timeline, black widow, because you did it with Gomorrah and then you sit there and you say you can’t do [00:08:00] it with her and you have a bullshit.

John: Well, I still, I still stand by the fact that unless they explain it out, when Steve Rogers took all the stones back to the point of them being taken, the point of that one being taken would be right before she dies or as she dies.

So going back would bring it back to life. She just stuck on form here. Right? Unless they explain that away, like there’s a huge plot hole there. Her dying, where they have to put it back before she dies to say it’s at the point of being taken all that. I mean, they could ride away by saying like, no, the points of soul stone was taken.

It was literally her death caused it to be able to take it. So it got put in back. So it’s like the same timeframe,

Kenric: like the difference. And they’re saying that the Gilmore thing is, is an earlier version of Gomorrah. Exactly. That’s what I’m saying, but they’re like, not they’re saying that, oh, no, she can’t come back.

And then it’s like, no, now you cannot sit there and say, you can’t bring back Natasha.

John: Well, it’s also like in like, located, like right now, they’re talking about [00:09:00] the TVA, you know, obviously we’re still one episode to the end of low-key, but like, Talking about the Avengers mess with the timeline that was supposed to happen, but was Gomorrah coming into their future?

Was that supposed to happen as well? When that wouldn’t that create a wouldn’t that be a variant

Kenric: unless it was supposed to happen. Right.

John: Right. So there were supposed to bring 2013. Mad Titan to the modern time to beat and go back and forth. That was fun. It’s like, there’s a, there’s, there’s some unanswered

Kenric: questions there.

Yeah. There’s a lot. There’s a lot. And we could probably pick apart any storyline with plot holes because that’s what comics have. You have so many people. And this is, these are living comics. That’s how you kind of think of that. Right? Cause they have so many plot holes. Cause you have so many people working on it and you have so much history of character backstory.

You can’t keep everything straight. I know.

John: But like if there’s, but like with the Kimora and Natasha thing, it’s like, you’ve got to do it for one bar.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. And I think it pisses people off because people really like that character. Yeah. [00:10:00] And she was bad ass and then you would kill her off and then you bring back another character that died the exact same way.

Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense. Right? It’s come on, man. Yeah. It’s funny. You brought up, I want to ask you a question cause you brought up the Loki show. Do you still think it’s Kang? Cause they did announce Kang is going to be the villain in the next ant man. And that, this makes me wonder, like, would they show him on a TV show when they’re going to have him on a major picture

John: and they showed Valentina and a TV show before they put her in, put her black widow.

I know that was supposed to be the other way around. The girl at the end of black widow, that wasn’t the sister,

Kenric: Julie, we strive this character. She’s going to be in major motion pictures. We only know that she’s only has been shown in Disney plus TV shows. We have no idea. No, no, no, no.

John: She was so hurt.

That movie was supposed to be her revealing. Because Blackwood was supposed to come out last year before.

Kenric: Oh, that’s right. Yeah. I watched it on Disney plus. And now I forget that.

[00:11:00] Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s true. But that’s, that’s the unprecedented, I mean, they brought Samuel Jackson to be on that field, which I’d never watched. Yeah. So, I mean, I’m just saying, but that’s a little different than a major villain. Are they going to have it on a TV show? Like low-key before they do ant man and the wasp, maybe.

I mean, what if it’s, what if it’s, what if it’s Mobius? He’s the bad guy. That’d be a great

John: twist. It would be, I I can see them, which isn’t king at the end of the next episode, right. Them like the T my prediction in this we’ll talk, let’s actually talk about this more tomorrow on the

Kenric: we’ll bring it up again tomorrow.

Just, you just said it. And I was like, okay. Before it loses my leaves. Okay.

John: I think they’re going to bring down the TVA in this, in this episode, last episode. Yeah. I think we might find out that the person behind it is Ken. But they’re not going to, I don’t, I [00:12:00] don’t think they’re going to show him or fight him.

They’re just going to find out that he was behind it. And we’re going to find out that the TVA exists inside the farm room. That’s my, that’s my profession. And I’ll say this again tomorrow.

Kenric: Yeah. That’s a good prediction though. That’s that’s that’s that’s a good one. Yeah. I dunno. What was, what was your favorite thing

John: about the black widow?

I liked red guardian a lot. Actually. I want more red guardian. What does she

Kenric: call him? She’s like red dynamo.

It was like this pointed fricking character building moment of. You know, you were my dad, you were my everything. And to him, she was just a job. Yeah. You know what I mean? She’s like, all you can think about is your red D you’re your red dynamo. It’s red guardian.

John: I liked David Harbor or Harbor as red guard though.

It’s called hope. He comes back. I it’s, it was kinda funny. Cause you know, th the, there’s a bunch of leaks for this, the kid last week or two ago, and you’re all mad about the [00:13:00] leaks and I’d read the leaks, but none of them are.

Kenric: Like I just 

John: the league said that red guardian dies and the taskmaster dies and that the ending was, was actually not her sister at the, at the grave site, but was a hopper at the grave site.

And like, all of it was right there. There was no, there was no Tony stark Cammie, which everybody’s been saying for two years at Tony Stark’s in this movie. And. Yeah, all, all those leaks were just totally fucking wrong, which is great. And I was just, I was expecting regarding to die in this cause, cause I read that there and I was happy.

He did it because I liked the character. I want to see more of him. I wished we would’ve come out after civil war so they could have included like Natasha sister and red guardian into some future films.

Kenric: I’m really sick. I’m getting sick of a couple of things. The fan made stuff. Oh,

John: I hate that.

Kenric: Man-made stuff. If they’re making like a full episode of something and they love like the Avengers, so they make their own vendors like that guy. That’s done all the Batman movies. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I think that’s cool. You know, but these fan made fucking [00:14:00] trailers that are cutting. Cutting from other movies to, to do this whole thing.

That drives me

John: insane. Right? Like there’s a ton of them, like on YouTube, like, I can’t receive all that. She hauled one and there’s like a trailer for, you know, moves around, like these aren’t out yet. And it’s like,

Kenric: stop doing this. It’s all clickbait.

John: I don’t like it. I don’t know. I don’t like it.

Kenric: Yeah. Oh, that’s so cool.

I mean, it’s like, okay. Some of those guys have some really good. They got a good knack for what they’re doing. Yeah. You know what I mean? It’s like, I think you’re wasting your talents on this. Yeah. Go. You make something of your own as opposed to probably torrenting all the movies that you’re using and then pulling in clips and then making this fake stuff, you know,

John: it, it pisses me off, but I mean, people like it too.

It’s just not for me. I see them. I get, I watch, I watch the shit off. This looks kind of crappy, or this show looks boring, but [00:15:00] then I, oh, this is, if this is a fan made one. Okay. That makes sense.

Kenric: I just be nuts. And then on top of that, the leaks, like we read like the other day, I refuse to read it. Yeah.

There’s one. It’s like you, why are you ruining the movie? By telling me things that you, you know, even if it is a leak or what of, why you’re ruining the

John: movie and it’s all, can you imagine

Kenric: if you went and saw the sixth sense and somebody leaked the whole thing

John: before you? Oh, dude, I had, I had the matrix board from before I saw it.

I saw, I saw the matrix like two days after it came out. Yeah. See

Kenric: that kind of stuff. Pisses me off, man. Yeah. It’s so

John: yeah, I wanted to, I, I, that’s why I don’t watch shows anymore. I’ll watch like the first trailer and then nothing else after that, because anything else.

Kenric: Yeah. When you get like four trailers, you can watch them all in a row.

You get a pretty good sense of what’s going to happen.

John: It’s like a Batman V Superman. You watch the trailer for that movie. You know, the whole movie, the entire movie, and far from home was the same way too. You watch far from home, you know, the whole movie

Kenric: kind of

John: lay where they do that. Yeah. And like, [00:16:00] everyone’s like arguing with me.

I remember people arguing me on BVS jail. I’m like, no, no, you watch be there. So it is literally beat for beat a two and a half or three minute version of the two and a. Yes. Every single beat in it. The only thing you don’t see a Superman getting stabbed, but you know, what’s happening because they got doomsday there, but you see every single

Kenric: beat, there was no surprises in that movie and Tuesday did not look good.

It looks like a big Golem. Yeah, he did. Okay. Should have just been a goal and like a, like a, like a full on Jewish column, you know, made out of clay and everything. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he looked like, he looked like what’s the mud.

John: The mud guy, the actor Clayface anyplace. Yeah.

Kenric: You don’t look like clay face more than anything

Black Widow review COMBINED: else.

John: A giant clay face. Yeah. God, it was bad. It was so bad. Yeah.

Kenric: Well the whole thing with that movie is they could have just. Wonder woman, the staff, and it would have been over.

John: Why don’t we be done herself? No problem.

[00:17:00] Kenric: the whole Scooby-Doo movie ending. We’re

John: digressing away from black widow.

Kenric: So I honestly thought that that movie was good enough. To be what it should have been for

John: her? No, I think this movie was great if it would came on after civil war, I think what it should have been now, it wasn’t enough, I think, especially because she had such a shitty sendoff in no and no send an end game.

Yeah. I mean, this is like her Swan song and I think this would have been a great movie again, coming out, you know, few years ago or five years ago, whatever it is. I think this movie should have been for her. It needed more too. I think honestly, I think it should have ended with there should have been a more satisfying ending for her in this.

Yeah. I feel like they left it very open-ended for her in a movie where at the after, after credit scene without a grave

Kenric: site, [00:18:00] Yeah. Yeah. And

John: we still didn’t learn what happened in Budapest with heard Hawkeye

Kenric: and all, you know, is those bullet holes? No, the arrows

John: come on. We’re supposed to know what happened, but we were supposed to find out what happened in Budapest or Budapest.


Kenric: was thinking that too. I started laughing. I thought it was great. I think it’s great that they keep that they keep referencing it, but you don’t know what actually happened. Right. It’s you need to keep doing it.

John: Well, the thing is, is if this was supposed to be her Swan song, movie of her last appearance, whatever they should have, that that should have been explained because then there’s no more if they’re planning to do more with her.

Cool. But I want to know what they’re doing, you know, are they going to do more stories of her back in the past? Are we going to get an actual origin movie from like showing all the old stuff before she wouldn’t do it? The vendors, or are we going to get, I don’t think they should come back to life or what I think

Kenric: they need to.

I need, I think they need to figure out how to do, how to bring her back. Is what I think they should do, but at the same time, here’s the deal with that movie. I really enjoyed it, [00:19:00] but I think I enjoyed it. Cause I sat at home and watched it on the TV. That’s a really good Disney plus. It is a great Disney plus movie.

It’s in the same vein as the Marvel TV shows like, you know, on Disney, like Wanda and low-key and all that, it fits right in with those. And that’s why, like I made the mistake when I started talking about, we haven’t seen a villain on a thing and you’re like, we’re like, oh yeah, that that’s the movie. If I wouldn’t saw that in the theater, like opening night with everybody, my reaction, I would still say it was a decent mood.

But I’d be disappointed on the level of of a Marvel movie that I’ve come to expect,

John: right? Yeah, because I mean, it had a couple of really good scenes, but again, I think it falls flat on fight scenes a lot.

Kenric: I honestly think that it was, I think this movie was an afterthought and I think it sucks because I think one, I think Scarlet deserves better because she’s been in it since iron man too.

She’s been in all the Marvel movies.

John: Yeah.

Kenric: She’s the character that people fell in love with. [00:20:00] She’s one of the few that you could, that was a human, that was no super powers holding their own and being a part of everything. You only have her and Clint, right? Everybody else has overpowered. Yeah. Pretty much, you know, and then you go and Falcon,

John: but he has this,

Kenric: he has a suit, you know, but he’s got, he’s got enhancements.

That’s like calling Tony, just human. He’s got right. So, you know, and then she dies an end game. She doesn’t get a proper sendoff, you know what I mean? And it’s like one of the only people that anybody can relate to. Yeah,

John: it was just kind of, I don’t know. It was really bombing. I mean, they’re absolutely setting up her sister Julina to be, to be black widow, right?

Yeah. Cause she, she, I mean, she takes her other brands on the comics, but, and, and, and she’s going to be in Hawkeye coming out later this year. Yeah. It’s

Kenric: just probably, it’s going to start off with her hunting him or something. Yeah, exactly. And then it started to happen that she sacrificed yourself.

John: Right? Right. Well, don’t kill me. This is the new hot guy, Kate Bishop over here. Oh, I’m dead.

[00:21:00] Kenric: You know, are they going to set up a new hot

John: guy? Well, the whole hot guy show is about her. Kurt Kurt or Clint training Kate Bishop and Kate Mitchell, new Hawkeye.

Kenric: You know what this is though? It’s only because the movie’s done so well, they have to pay these actors, gobs and gobs of money.

So they’re like, we gotta reset. We gotta reset. Yeah. That, that’s

Black Widow review COMBINED: why

John: they’re doing the young Avengers.

Kenric: It’s not the lame though, because you know, you only got, you only got one grand adventure with these, with these actors and these awesome storylines and you like one more, you know what I mean? Well, I mean,

John: if you consider one grand adventure being that I know it’s fucking

Kenric: like 15 years and

John: 22 movies and then two movies,

Kenric: but they could give us another one more trip.

Yeah. That’s what I mean, like one more trilogy with everybody with a big adventure on the PA on par with

John: infinity war. [00:22:00] Yeah. I mean, but then you’re also looking at other 10 years of the same characters, which I’m not opposed to, but that’s a lot of work, a lot of contract work for others.

Kenric: I mean, Downy Jr’s was in his late thirties, early forties when he started iron man in his fifties.

Almost 60. Yeah. Weird. It doesn’t look

John: like it though. No, no. I mean, I mean, Chris Hendra is still going.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. Th there’s, you know, in the garden and galaxy we’re all there and you know, there’s some, but you know, it’s not the same, you know, what’s weird is how much you didn’t really like, like Ironman in the comics.

I never read iron man. It’s just, it’s not that I didn’t like him. He just wasn’t in my forethought. The

John: only one of the Avengers I liked before the universe was holding.

Kenric: That’s so funny. See, I liked, I liked before I liked Hulk. I like the Scarlet witch I’m Allie. Yeah, that was it. I didn’t, I knew who black widow was.

Didn’t reconnect with her because I didn’t read those books. Yeah. And neither, you know, I didn’t really [00:23:00] read Avengers books. I read Scarlet witch. Cause she’s in a ton of X-Men and she’s ended up talking about other things. Yeah. She’s not just in, you know, and I actually, don’t, it’s weird as I read more west coast Avengers than I did Avengers.

Yeah, well, renders was pushed heavy in the eighties

John: and the nineties too, and actually calling it, it was, it was like, you’d buy a Costco. You’d buy the bundle of Congress at Costco and there there’d be

Kenric: vendors and every one of them, oh, that’s right. And then probably eighties ones though.

John: Well, no, because I remember it because when I was buying those at Costco I talked to a lot of comics.

They had a bunch of the, the death of Superman ones in there too in the nineties. And I was like, but then they were like, second, third, fourth, and fifth print. They were never first prints on those. So,

Kenric: yeah. So what’s next we have after black widow, we have the TV show for Hawkeye. Is that 20, 22 or later in

John: 20, 20, 21?

I think we find out,

Kenric: look it up. Well cause Casey, so people know we have a chat set up where usually when we’re talking Marvel stuff, it’s the [00:24:00] four of us Sumner, Casey, John and myself. Yeah. And Casey was called Loki. The last one you can save this for the Alaska is a slow burn. I’m like, okay, well first I think Wanda was a much more slower burn and no,

John: no, cause there’s more, I mean, there’s, there’s still sheet hall coming out, but it’s a bunch of other shows coming out.

Kenric: But where does this fall? So, okay. So this is part of the movie stint timeline, even though they’re all part of the same thing, you know what I mean? You kinda, you kinda grouped them separately, right? You grew up the TV shows and you group the movies.

John: Why are you moving? Why

Kenric: now? I think of it. That doesn’t mean it’s accurate and that’s how you do it.

I grew up the TV shows together cause I’m, cause it’s a weekly episodic thing and I just, I watch them. The movies should be a better production, should be a more grand storyline.

John: The TV shows kind of have a very similar production value of the movies. I mean, they are putting a lot of fricking money into it, [00:25:00] aren’t they?

Yeah. They are like low-key into, they look, I mean,

Kenric: yeah, they do look really pretty. They do look really pretty, but, well, okay. So what’s next? What are we seeing after a black widow? Is it, is it Hawkeye

John: or is this the next movie I think is the next Spider-Man movie. Okay. What about the next TV show? What if, and then.

Kenric: Are we counting what F though, because what F is completely different tangent. I mean, that’s like anything. Yeah, but

John: it’s all the same. It’s all the same actors re doing. I mean, it’s all, what if it’s all, it’s all. What if stories, but it’s all like the same actors doing the voices.

Kenric: Those stories have no bearing on the timeline that we’re watching the TV show.

The other team. No, they don’t. They don’t. Type side for what F don’t get me wrong, dude. I’m fucking excited for what if, cause what F looks awesome. And our buddy worked on that directed I think a few of them. Yeah. And so we’re really excited to see Steph and Frank’s work in the, what if coming to Disney plus

[00:26:00] John: on August on August 11th.

So that’s going to be awesome. September 30th, shank and legends, the Tinder rings. That’s the next movie when September 3rd, September. And then, so right now we have Blackwood just came out. We have whatever in August we have Shanxi in September and then I don’t count it as part of the MCU, but the new venom movie comes out in September as well.

Yeah, they don’t count. And then Hawkeye comes out in late fall of 20, 21, no actual date yet, but late

Kenric: fall. Okay. That’s a show

John: the show. And then after that, after November 5th is the internals

Kenric: are, these shows are these mini series. These are mini series mini series. Yeah. And the difference is shows have come back for multiple

John: seasons.

None, none, none. None of these are coming back, like which kind of sucks. Fuck. Winter soldier might come back for another season. One division. Won’t I doubt low-key.

Kenric: See, that just sucks. You think it’s because they paid so much to get these actors in because they got to get paid by [00:27:00] scale based on what they’ve been doing.

And these are characters that have been on movies. Yeah. I think,

John: I think it’s just, they’re writing them as one story. They’re not writing MSI multiple

Kenric: multiples and they’re paying them like they’re, they’re shooting a movie. Yeah,

John: pretty much. I probably, I don’t know

Kenric: the tournament, I think we need to change the lingo on that.

John: Yeah. And then December is Spiderman three. Are you excited for Spiderman? Yeah, I liked Spider-Man. I liked Tom Holland. I’m curious where they’re gonna take these. But I mean, same old argument

Kenric: for me, man. I got to get out of teenage years.

John: I think this will be the last dangerous one, because I think he’s like out of high school or like

Kenric: how many movies does he have left on

John: his contract?

I have no idea.

Kenric: Cause he just signed that new deal. Yeah. I probably wasn’t there a whole thing after, remember that whole thing where Sony wanted to ask for more money or something like that. And daddy said, no. And then it was like a week of, oh my God. Freak out city. And then it came out that Tom had signed a new contract.

And then like, there was a chance that, that, that was it. There was going to be no more Spiderman, Tom Holland.

John: Yeah. But [00:28:00] now, now there’s going to be, there’ll be, I mean, there’ll be as many as they want probably. And also us one was they’re paying him and he’s young.

Kenric: Yeah, but I just come on, get to the point of getting the good

John: stuff, get to the after high school stuff.

Yeah, for sure.

Kenric: Yeah. Well, because the high school stuff has been said so many times, and honestly, here it is, dude, I’m 47. They didn’t do any high school stuff. When I was reading comic books, he was, he was a full fledged adult, you know, and I think he was even out of college and, you know, he got married in 1987.

You know, there there’s literally more years out of high school, then there is of him in high school. And I don’t understand why they keep flipping

John: regurgitating it. A lot of the cartoons he’s out of high school too. Yeah.

Kenric: We had Tom Brevard on and if you don’t know who Tom Braveheart is look it up. No, is the, he’s one of the main editors at Marvel comics.

And I would argue that he’s probably the editor. He’s the senior editor. Marvel comics. [00:29:00] Yeah. He’s he was awesome. He was a great guy. And we, I asked him about that and he, he didn’t agree with it. You said more people want to see, he thinks more people want to see Peter Parker is high school and I can’t and all I can think of

John: 12 movies.

It’s an easier barrier. It’s an easier barrier to entry than adopt Peter Parker. That’s what it is is you can get more kids to go see Spiderman. If he’s younger and buys bedroom toys, then you can invite them into an adult doing with adult problems. That it’s a barrier to entry in what they can sell out at that second part.

But they’ve had

Kenric: so many angry. Give us some adult Spiderman. They were so close with Sam Raimi. Yeah. You know what I mean? Cause he was getting out of high school at the beginning of that one and then he was that third one. People just didn’t like it. They don’t like venom. They didn’t like,

John: it was bloated.

It was bloated. Yeah. It’s

Kenric: the closest venom storyline from the original comics though. That we’ve had way better than the venom movie. Yeah. Oh, the [00:30:00] venom movie doesn’t even

John: let me pick anything. Astro Spider-Man is a Ms. Marvel,

Kenric: is that with the the Muslim girl? I see the Muslim girl only because it’s a major part of her character and it was kind of a cool.

John: Kamala Khan. Kamala

Kenric: Khan. Yeah. She’s cool character. She’s got it. Does that stretchy thing though, right? Right.

John: And that’ll be that that’ll, that, that rounds out this year and they’re gonna set up. And then 20, 22 is Morbius with Jared blotto, which again, that’s a, that’s a Sony one, but it’s counting it as part

Kenric: of the MCU they are.

Wow. So that means, well, there’s a chance to see in Tom Holland in it.

John: Well, their characters are a direct reference in that tree, in the trailer to Tom Holland. Spider-Man nice. So,

Kenric: Mobius fan Johnny just got one of my bucket list. Books like a jerk right here. Got it. Way, way cheaper than he probably

John: should have.

Yeah. Oh dude. This book was go for so much money right now.

Kenric: Oh, it’s dumb because when I was collecting Moebius no, Morbius nobody liked him. Nobody cared about him. You know what I mean? And I was like, oh, I want to get that book. And it was like a hundred bucks, but I couldn’t have it now. It’s like, it’s so much now.

It’s like, I I’ll [00:32:00] never forget.

John: Oh, I it’s. It’s it’s crazy how much it costs. It’s like, I can’t even imagine buying it full price.

Kenric: It’s done. It’s dumb.

John: It’s dumb. But after Morbius is Dr. Strange then multitude of madness, multiverse management. I’m looking forward to that one. That is in 2022. Yeah. It’s in March of 2022.


Kenric: know, what’s funny with the Dr. Strange is the first, like the first time I watched the first movie, I really liked it. And then after that I have a hard time staying awake

John: through it. Dr. Strange. I liked a lot of the first time I saw it now, I just want to watch the end fight with her mama. I just, like, I just liked that in was I’m going to make a bargain, but yeah.

And then after that is Thor loving thunder in Martin. Then black kinda messed up, man. They should have used your title. I know. Fourth door. More, four more doors. Yeah. Thor

Kenric: for four more thoughts. How do you not do that one? Right. It’s 11. Thunder is like, I mean, it’s, they’re doing the whole eighties thing

John: with that line now.

I know, but it’s like, come on. [00:33:00] But whatever. And after that it’s black Panther, Wakanda forever, which is going to, I’m pretty sure they’re going to be introducing Sherry. I think Sherry is going to take over a black man.

Kenric: Yeah, who else is going to do it? You’re not gonna, you’re not going to put in a new you’re not going to bring in a new black Panther character.

No, they

John: should have shortage to take over and we get there. Sure. He takes over in the comics. Yeah. Not anymore. In October of 2022, we get into this wider as to which is I’m excited for it. Cause I love the first one. Yeah. The

Black Widow review COMBINED: first

Kenric: one was fantastic. The way they did it. Yeah, it was awesome.

John: And then November of 20, 22, we get the marvels, which has captain Marvel.

Kenric: I hope they do a better job. I, I want to like that movie. Yeah. You know, and there’s some scenes that I really like, but dude, the writing, it’s the way they’re writing her character.

John: My biggest you can’t you. Huh? My biggest problem with [00:34:00] captain Marvel is that captain Marvel, nothing is nothing is a challenge.

She had the right.

Kenric: Her in a flippant way. Yeah. And I think that’s what drives me. It’s not, Alison is Alison Brie, Brie Larson, Brie Larson. It’s not Brie Larson as an actor. I really don’t think it’s her. No, she’s great. It’s, it’s the way they’re writing her. And like that whole time with, I don’t know, man, the whole thing, like an Indian.

When did she’s like, well, I have all these things. It’s not just about this. It’s the way she does. It’s the way they wrote the line and the way it’s delivered. And I think it was just, it just came across as so arrogant. And it’s like, how do I stand behind this person? I can’t, it’s like asking me to stand behind the guy from the bowl.

John: Oh, home lender. Yeah, home Lander.

Kenric: God, she’s not like home Lander, but it’s the same kind of feeling. [00:35:00] It asks me to stand behind her because it doesn’t come across that she cares about anything. Or maybe, I don’t know, maybe I’m reading it wrong, but it just seems weird. And I think they’re, I think they’re doing that character a disservice the way they do it.

Yeah. It’s like her humanity is completely.

John: Yeah, I can see that, but I mean, those listening go back and listen to our captain Marvel review and hear totally different opinions. Yeah. Time, time,

Kenric: change, time. And you know what, after what it was in game that may change my mind the way it was when I first watched captain Marvel, it was cool, but she had different sensibilities and your attitude was different, you know?

And she cared about the things that were around her. And then now on that one, I mean, like we were having the. The, the Kevin Smith Deathstar debate around captain Marvel

John: and oh, and the

Kenric: fantasy

John: spaceship that was, she just killed millions of people. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Kenric: You know, I get that. They’re [00:36:00] attacking and dah, dah, dah, but that ship is so massive.

There’s literally just maintenance workers and yeah. Cool and everything that has nothing to do with anything that Daniels is doing and I’m drawing

John: well then after Marvel has his moon night and then she Hawk, and then I’m excited for moon night. Yeah. And then a couple of shows that are out there and a half or not because they announced an I am Groot show and a secret invasion show and not really happy.

Kenric: I’ve read that I am group comic book and I couldn’t make it through the first issue.

John: Right.

Kenric: And it’s more group, I don’t think group. I can’t see, grew as a, as, as a what’s the word I’m looking for as a headliner. Yeah. You know what I mean? He’s

John: supporting character, which means there’ll be another character.

And then that is the headliner. And we’ll just be the sidekick who was on movie.

Kenric: Yeah. Like rocket is a headliner. You could watch a movie, lock it, doing everything, but listening to somebody say, I am Groot all the time will drive you nuts.

[00:37:00] John: I

Kenric: am

  1. Would you want to see a black widow too? Yeah, of course. Would you have, would it have to be with a Scarlet or can they do it with with her sister? I don’t know the actress who played her.

John: I didn’t think it was with her sister. It was Florence, Pooh pug, PG Pooh. How you want to say it?

Kenric: I think it’s, I don’t

John: know.

I think it’s, I don’t want to say poo, but my brain says Pooh, but I don’t think that’s true. I don’t care. I think they should do more of the character. I think, I think it would be cool if they found a way to bring her back, but I can totally see it. The Jimmy, I could totally see them doing another Blackwood or two of being with the new black widow.

Yeah. And, you know, Scarlet being done or crying or coming back later in some other fashion, you know?

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. Well, I hope we get to see a broken Hawkeye over, over Natasha. I’m sure. Even though he’s got his family and he shouldn’t be, he should be broken up, but not broken up like he was or his

John: family.

[00:38:00] Yeah. I mean, yeah, it should be, but it’s kind of, you’re not a Hawkeye fan

Kenric: though. What’s that? You’re not a Hawkeye fan though. No,

John: no, I’m not, not at all,

Kenric: but why, why don’t you like him?

John: Honestly comes back to like when I was younger and him just being an agreement, agreeing on a rip off who’s I know it was a Robin,

Kenric: but did you not put those two together?

That it’s just Robin hood? Yeah,

John: it did. But green arrow is, you know, uses trick arrows and has all sorts of stuff going on, which then Marvel just said, Hey, let’s do that and make him purple and make him a bad guy. Yeah. You know? And it’s like, it just wasn’t. I just didn’t care for

Kenric: it growing up. What’d you think of him now with the Marvel?

John: I mean, I like his character, but I kind of feel like it, the movies would wouldn’t lose anything if he wasn’t there. Yeah. Like I think Germany does a great

Kenric: job. Great. Are you excited to see the TV show?

John: Yeah, I am. Just cause I’m excited to see. I, I like, I like Kate Bishop and I think even though it’s the same thing, I like the idea of, I like the idea of mantle passing and comics [00:39:00] superheroes, because it shows that there’s more than just the one character.

It shows that they have longevity. They’re passing the mental down to the next generation. I liked that concept. That’s why I liked that went beyond so much is because it’s Batman passing it off to Terry McGinnis. I’m so excited for that. But I mean, I also think a hundred percent that if, if Huck I wasn’t in the movies, it wouldn’t really have changed anything.

Right. They could’ve, they could’ve, they can pull Hawkeye out and put anybody, any other character in there. Have the same effect. The only, the only thing I’ll say that isn’t as good they did is Hawkeye and Blackwood will have a lot of ties in the comics. And then the beginning of both being bad guys, and then bringing that to the movies is a nice little nod to the original comics there.

But again, if, if they wouldn’t have used Hakan, they would have used somebody else. Nobody would have known nobody would have cared.

Kenric: Right. I mean, I wouldn’t have cared, but maybe, maybe people would have, I don’t know. Yeah. Yeah. I always thought hot guy and Wolverine would, or Wolverine and black widow would have been a cool comic

John: book idea.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, [00:40:00] we’ll bring it to anybody’s good idea.

Kenric: Yeah. Well, yeah. I mean, there’s some people that you don’t really want to, I don’t know, like, I don’t know if I’d be really excited with a Wolverine and Scarlet. Could be cool, but at the same time, I wouldn’t be like, oh, that’s a great concept. Yeah.

Yeah. You know what last question for you when it comes to this, what could they have done to put this movie over the top that would have had you go, this is an amazing movie.

John: So I have two answers. Okay. One really said five years ago. Yep. Okay. Two. Instead of it ending have a second, all of a second after credit scene where you see black widow alive somehow, and a huge tease of sculpture Hansen’s black widow is out there somewhere in the universe alive.

I think just that quick thing of of would have helped right off her. No sendoff right in end game is. Maybe didn’t do a set enough or [00:41:00] maybe there was no sun Africa she’s still there. You know, something like that, or have some kind of emotional attachment at the end of some more emotional than, I mean, the thing at the end wasn’t emotional, right?

It was like her sister’s there. She’s dead volunteer shows up, yada yada, yada, they’re working together. She’s building a team with her and he was Asian apparently now. But something, some kind of emotional, emotional beat to go

Kenric: with her death. I just had a thought. They could have for the extra seam, they literally could have had her sisters showing up to the funeral and freaking out that it was all

John: about Tony.

Oh, that had

Kenric: been great. You know what I mean? And it’s recreate that last scene and then go into her being alone at Natasha, his gravesite and B. And then what’s her name? What, what character is it? The girl from Palomino, Valentina show up, do this whole thing. And then she has an emotional reason of wanting to hunt down [00:42:00] Hawkeye.

Right. You know what I mean? That to me, I think would have put that movie over the top. And then I think the other thing was

that movie deserved more and I think they should’ve done more character development and maybe even split it into two movies.

John: That would have been cool

Kenric: and really do it right. Because I just feel like everything was a hand thought and it’s just unfortunate.

John: It is. It feels like it again, it feels like too little too late as far as giving her a movie average to dead and not making it possible.

I think, I mean, it’s a good movie. She’s been asked to get it. Yeah. I

Kenric: just wanted more. I wanted more. All right guys. That’s our reaction to black widow. I hope you guys enjoyed that. I enjoyed it, but in the, in the show,

John: knock, knock. Who’s there. You’re up. You’re up. I’m not a coup thank you. Our

Kenric: last one. Last one.


John: knock. Who’s there.

[00:43:00] Kenric: Yeah.

John: So if you’re a poo and I eat my poo

Kenric: and we’re out, we’re out. All right, guys, keep an eye out. We’ll probably have more stuff. We’ll of course have tons of interviews coming out in the next few weeks. Yep. And keep watch out for make my Marvel TV. The last episode of Loki comes out tomorrow, Saturday, the 10th we’re recording on the ninth. I don’t know when this is getting released, but it’ll be soon.

Yeah. Yeah. And

John: we’ll see you guys soon.



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