‘Betaal’ Netflix’s Attempt to Revitalize the Zombie Genre

The creative minds behind Netflix’s show, ‘Ghoul,’ return with ‘Betaal.’ ‘Betaal’ is a zombie series that draws its inspiration from Indian folklore! Based on the trailer below, ‘Betaal’ is set to refresh the zombie scene and provide a horrifying experience for fans.

“The story is set in a remote village, which quickly becomes the arena of a breathless battle when a two-century-old East India Company Colonel, infected with the Betaal‘s curse, and his battalion of blood-thirsty zombie redcoats are released from their tomb – attacking anything with a pulse. With the CIPD (Counter Insurgency Police Department) forces pitted against the undead army, hapless civilians are trapped in a gripping, edge-of-your-seat conflict.”

“Betaal” debuts on Netflix on May 24th.

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