Battlefront 2: Rise of Skywalker Content

EA revealed on Wednesday that they would add Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker content to Star Wars Battlefront II. The plan to add new playable heroes, reinforcements, a new planet, and more planned for the game throughout the month. The first parts of this content will release on December 17th. Players will have to wait until December 20th when Rise of Skywalker releases in theaters before they can play on the new jungle planet that’s being teased.


EA’s December 17th update will introduce things like hero appearances, co-op experiences, and the new reinforcements. Four reinforcements have been named so far. Two reinforcements align with the First Order while the other two work with the Resistance. The Infiltrator will be introduced as a Sith trooper who’s practiced in “speed and advanced weaponry”. While the First Order Jet Trooper boasts a jetpack, a blaster rifle, and a grenade attachment. EA isn’t talking about the Resistance reinforcements though, likely because it’s a spoiler to the film.

Heroes and Planet

Ajan Kloss = Forest Planet from Rise of Skywalker Trailer

Hero appearances will be released for Finn, Rey, and Kylo Ren alongside the December 17th update. After that, we’ll see the new planet added to the game after Rise of Skywalker. This planet has been teased before and is thought to be called Ajan Kloss.

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