Batman’s Newest Side-Kick!

Things have been strange for Batman in DC Black Label’s Batman: Last Knight on Earth. It’s hard to think of Batman without a Robin, though in this run, unfortunately, aren’t many left. As things get more desperate in the Last Knight on Earth, Batman is going to take help anywhere he can get it.

The Fall of Drake

Batman attempted to rally who was left of the DC heroes to take on Omega, the tyrannical ruler of this world. He soon learned the big final battle had already happened. As a result, they had already lost some of their own, including Tim Drake. Drake had been the driving force behind the plan, but their forces weren’t enough, and he fell in battle.

While the loss is hard on Bruce, he knows they have to retaliate, even as depleted as they are. With the help of Selina Kyle they get some weapons to help them out. At that point, the team is ready to give this a go. Seeing Drake’s mechanized suit still functioning, Batman forms a plan.

Help from an Familiar Face

Joker’s head is placed inside the suit to make him the new Robin. Good news is in this world he can be as deadly as he wants to be! He uses the suit’s advanced weapons to help Batman out and to really sell the new role as Robin.

Batman: Last Knight on Earth #3

Written By: Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo

“Gotham City has been remade. Omega reigns supreme. Can Batman finally accomplish what no other hero has and free the world from his dark reflection’s shadow? Or is it too late for the recreated Caped Crusader?”

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