Batman 1966’s Robin – Burt Ward

Citizens of Gotham we have an amazing treat for you the everlasting boy wonder, Burt Ward! Burt visited spoiler country and told us some amazing stories and trials about his time on Batman with Adam West. Not only do we go over his career but we go deep into his charity work with Gentle Giants and and their amazing Dog food. So, please sit back relax and join us for an amazing ride with Burt Ward.

Get Gentle Giants Dog food at your local Target or Direct from Burt at:

If you buy at Target keep your receipt and on the Bag there will be a instructions to get your free Picture Signed by Burt Ward himself.

“Drinks and Comics with Spoiler Country!”

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Interview scheduled by Jeffery Haas

Author: Kenric Regan

Kenric started reading comics in 1982 when he snuck into his older brother’s room and ravaged his collection of the then current Marvel and DC comics. Falling in love instantly with the art form Kenric found himself ensconced in the universal battles of good vs evil that help define his own personal code of ethics and morality

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